Book Spotlight: If I Stay

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If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Book Spot Light by Rachel, Library Associate, Healdsburg

This book was also reviewed by one of our teen book reviewers.  To see her review please click here. We all make choices everyday: to call one friend and not another, to wear a certain outfit over another. Imagine having the choice to decide whether to live or to die? to go on to whatever lies in the afterlife, or to stay here with the living. Seventeen year old Mia faces many decisions in her life. A talented cellist, she wants to go to Juilliard after high school. But that would mean leaving her punk rock boyfriend Adam behind in Portland. One day in February, school is closed due to snow and Mia and her family decide to drive to a friend’s house for brunch. They never make it. Mia wakes up to the sight of her own body in a ditch, flung from the car. Her parent’s bodies lay in the road, her little brother nowhere to be found. Separated from her body, Mia follows the ambulance to the hospital. As doctors try to put Mia’s body back together, her spirit must decide – should she stay? What is there to live for? This audio edition of the book is performed by Kirsten Potter, who does a great job with the intense emotions in this story. I even got teary eyed a few times while listening! I highly recommend this book to musicians because nearly every character is either a passionate musician or lover of music. If you liked Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher or Before I Die by Jenny Downham, you should read this book or listen to this great audio edition.

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