Book Spotlight: Rage: a Love Story

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Rage:  a Love Story by Julie Anne Peters

Review by Rachel, Healdsburg Library

Joanna has imagined finding her dream girl for so long; she doesn't think she'll ever find love.  Then, amazingly, the girl she's been pining for for years, Reeve Hart, returns Joanna's affections.  But Reeve has a tough home life and violent tendencies that worry Joanna's best friend.  Reeve has been the object of Joanna's affection for so long that Joanna is truly blind to the realities in front of her.  Joanna is so lonely and wants to be loved so badly that not even a black eye will keep her from going back to Reeve time after time.  But this love is truly dangerous. While this book features a same sex couple, domestic/relationship violence for teens is more common than you might think.  There are books out there that tell the story of man/woman domestic violence, yet few are written that discuss violence in same sex couples.  This book might be best enjoyed by older readers.  It is violent and edgy with not a few four letter words.  Rage:  a Love Story is an important book because it really shows you how a strong, smart, reasonable person can be so lonely that they will take any amount of abuse just to stay with the person they adore.  Julie Anne Peters is the author of many excellent books for teens, including Luna, Keeping You a Secret, and Between Mom and Jo.

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