Book Spotlight: Ready Player One

Submitted by teenspace on May 16, 2012 - 10:32am

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Reviewed by: Phil, librarian, Cloverdale Branch

Synopsis: In the not-so-distant future the world flat-out sucks; life is hard for most, including teen Wade Watts, who spends most of his time plugged into the virtual reality multi-verse OASIS. Though most use OASIS to escape the harsh reality of 2044, Wade is an ardent Gunter – a term given to those trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable multi-part puzzle devised by one the creators of OASIS. Whoever solves the puzzle will inherit the entirety of OASIS and become one of the richest people in the world. Some Gunters are strict soloists, while others have banded together to form guilds. These competing factions have toiled for years to solve the puzzle to no avail – that is until Wade happens to solve the first part. Suddenly the quest to solve the puzzle reaches a fever pitch, and the game becomes deadly serious. When Gunters start dying in real life it becomes apparent that a sinister force is willing to go to extremes to reach the prize. Wade knows that he is in serious jeopardy. The question is: Will he solve the puzzle before they get to him?         

Why I picked it up: Alex Award (best adult book for teens) winner, and very highly recommended.

Why I finished it: Without a doubt the most fun book that I have read in the past year. It was absolutely impossible to put down.

I'd recommend it to: Gamers, science fiction and adventure tale enthusiasts, as well as 1980’s pop culture fanatics. Even if you don’t generally read in those genres, this book is just plain fun!

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I love the new format for teen book reviews. And Phil's many additions are great. Love to read them and think they just might draw other teen readers to these titles. Thank you...but where are the TEEN's reviews. I'm looking forward to seeing some new ones from this Summer's Teen Read submissions.--kathy

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