Book Spotlight: Son by Lois Lowry

Submitted by jill on May 22, 2013 - 4:12pm

giver     Everyone remembers The Giver, that dystopian book by Lois Lowry that we all had to read in school? Children receive their lifetime assignments at the ceremony of 12 years.  When Jonas becomes the community's Receiver of memories, he discovers a terrible truth about the community he lives in.  20 years later, Lois Lowry has answered questions about what happened to Jonas and the baby he was protecting in a sequel called Son.

son   In Son by Lois Lowry, Claire has been assigned the job of Birthmother in her small community but unlike the other birthmothers, she becomes attached to her baby and feels a terrible loss when he is taken away.  When things don't go as planned for the child, Claire goes to extreme measures to find and rescue her son.  You can't go wrong with Lois Lowry and this book is well-written, unpredictable, and exciting!  Claire's life has such a roller-coaster of feelings, it is impossible to put the book down.  Read or re-read The Giver first if you can - to better understand Claire's community.

This book was nominated for the YALSA Top Ten books of 2013!

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The Giver is a great book with deep meaning to it. I really liked how it made me question what I really see. Although the "blindness" that I face does not deal with color, it seems as though many people do not see what's really there in life because they choose not to. Many people become encompassed in electronics, video games and other things, and cannot see the beauty and color of the real world.

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