Book Spotlight: The Morgue and Me

Submitted by teenspace on September 23, 2009 - 1:06pm


The Morgue and Me by John C. Ford

Review by Rachel, Healdsburg Library, Library Associate

It’s the summer after graduation and Christopher needs a job to save money before he ships off to college in the fall. Christopher has some unusual interests, the least of which are spying, sleuthing and espionage. What better way to gain skills in the arts of spying than to work in a morgue? Okay, that’s a stretch, but Christopher’s new line of work quickly leads him to some strange evidence involving the death of a ne’re-do-well named Mitch Blaylock. With his trusty camera in hand and the help of a smokin’ hot newspaper reporter named Tina, Christopher discovers that the people he thought he knew in his small Michigan town are not quite what they seem. A great mystery that really keeps you guessing, The Morgue and Me might be best enjoyed by older teens and adults due to language and under aged drinking. I liked that the story was complex enough to keep me wondering how all the clues would tie up in the end but not so complicated that I lost interest.

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