Book Spotlight: Uglies

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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Review by Janet, Volunteer, Rincon Valley Library

In a futuristic earth, destroyed by man's manipulation of nature, a new society emerges where all physical flaws are eradicated.  Upon their sixteenth birthday, every teenager is transformed from the "Ugly" appearance they are born with into a supermodel perfect "Pretty".  Tally Youngblood is approaching this surgical milestone, in fact she is even looking forward to it!  That is until she meets Shay, a scrawny tom-boy who rides hoverboards and likes to perform "Uglie" pranks.  Together, they pass the time before their surgeries bungee jumping off of buildings and sneaking out on hoverboards to ride the dangerous metal roller coaster in the Rusty Ruins.  On the eve of their transformations, Shay abandons Tally in pursuit of a secret society called the Smoke- a renegade band of survivors who have decided to live off the grind-and remain UGLY for life!  Moments before her surgery, Tally is taken away by cruelly disfigured special agents, whose pretty faces are stretched into menacing dimensions and whose enhanced strength and speed makes escape impossible.  Tally is given an ultimatum infiltrate and expose the citizens of the Smoke or be denied her surgery FOREVER!  Will she learn to love the freedom, hard work, and appreciation of all things natural at the Smoke or will she turn in Shay and her new friends, in the pursuit of beauty that is only skin deep.  Read Uglies, the first book in Scott Westerfeld's trilogy of the same name to find out!

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