Book Spotlight: White Cat

Submitted by teenspace on June 5, 2010 - 4:14pm

White Cat

White Cat by Holly Black

Review by Rachel, Library Associate

Cassel Sharpe’s family have been small time crooks for generations. His mother has the power to make people feel whatever she wants, from besotted love to undying hatred; while his brother Phillip can change his enemy’s luck with the slightest touch. Cassel’s brother Barron is a body worker – able to break a leg with the touch of a finger. These skills, known as curse workings, are illegal. Cassel has never been able to work a curse and has felt on the outside of his family all his life. He realizes something is up when long stretches of memory disappear. The only memory that hasn’t changed is the one he wants most to forget –that he murdered his own best friend. Then a white cat arrives, luring him on a mission to find out what his brothers have been planning. Cassel is at the center of a plot he never imagined possible.

White Cat is one of the freshest new ideas to come along in a while. The plot has elements of Shakespearean tragedy and old school mafia noir put together in a refreshing modern way. If you’re a fan of Holly Black’s other books in the Tithe series you are in for a treat. White Cat is like nothing you’ve read before, created by a modern master. I can’t wait to read the next installment in the series.

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I definitely agree, Black came up with something fresh and intriguing with White Cat. The ending was very surprising!

Definitely a welcome break from the epidemic of teenage vampires stories. One thing though. PHILIP is the physical worker. And BARRON is the one who is the luck worker.

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