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Submitted by kdeweese on March 30, 2011 - 5:27pm

Attention all Horror-Fantasy fans!  

Joseph Delaney's popular tween-teen crossover series "The Last Apprentice" -- now on book 8 or so --  is being adapted into a movie!

The movie, planned as the first in a series, will be based on the first book only,  Revenge of the Witch, and will be called "The Seventh Son."  Stars already lined up include Jeff Bridges (as the Spook) and Julianne Moore (as scary-evil witch Mother Malkin).  No announcement yet who will play the young apprentice Tom (although one rumor says Alex Pettyfer).  The latest IMDb posting has it scheduled for release in 2013.

Haven't read these yet?  Don't be fooled by the location of these books in the children's section of the library -- they are seriously creepy!  And the 2013 movie release date gives you plenty of time to catch up!

Revenge of the Witch
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Curse of the Bane
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Night of the Soul Stealer
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 Attack of the Fiend
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 Wrath of the Bloodeye
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 Clash of the Demons
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 Rise of the Huntress
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 Rage of the Fallen
 releases April 19, 2011




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I can't think of the title yet but I remember a book about a boy who vieistd an old lady everyone thought was a witch. It wasn't their teacher though. It was just someone who lived in the neighborhood. Every double-page spread had his imagination on the left where she was doing something witchy and reality on the right which showed what was really going on. The illustrations are incredible. Basically it gave you an idea how people can get carried away with their imagination. She wasn't really a witch at all and that's what he learned. Is that right? If it is, I'll work harder to get that title.

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