Hogwarts online?!

Submitted by kdeweese on October 11, 2010 - 9:55pm

OK, some people have too much time on their hands ... but lucky for the rest of us, much entertainment is the result! 

When HP and the Sorcerer's Stone was written, way back in 1997, all of the social media hoopla that people take for granted nowadays wasn't even thought of yet.  Jump forward 13 years... the final book is finally being released as a movie (ok, only part one, but... countdown to November!), it seems that almost everyone has a Facebook page, and sites like youtube, twitter, etsy, and foursquare are part of our cultural identity.   Dan Kois, of NY Magazine's Vulture News, created these fun screencaptures of Harry's Facebook page, Draco's Twitter page, and more! 

Hogwarts Finally Hooks Up to the Internet

Enjoy, and click through to the original page, to read more of Hogwarts in the 21st century!

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