Inheritance is coming!

Submitted by kdeweese on March 23, 2011 - 5:19pm

This just in!

In a press release today from Random House Children's Books, it was announced that the final book of the wildly-popular Christopher Paolini "Inheritance" series will be released in November 2011!  Wahoo!! 

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Book 1: Eragon

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Book 2: Eldest

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Book 3: Brisingr


Book 4: Inheritance

This exciting news comes more than three years after the release of the previous book.  Author Christopher Paolini (only 17 years old when he wrote the first book) is quoted as saying:  "The burning questions asked by fans around the world will finally be answered in this last installment.  All will be revealed!"

Click here for a link to the Random House publisher's description of the new book.

I'm looking forward to it!  Are you?

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