Librarian Audio Book Review: Sabriel

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Sabriel by Garth Nix, Audio Book narrated by Tim Curry

Review by Rachel, Library Associate, Healdsburg

For anyone who’s been to a Rocky Horror Picture Show event, you know how great Tim Curry is as Frankenfurter. Now imagine his amazing voice with its thick British accent reading you the story of a young woman battling legions of the Dead. Sabriel is a young Necromancer who grew up in Ancelstierre, on the other side of the Wall which protects the people of Ancelstierre from the Old Kingdom. Sabriel’s father is called Abhorsen, the country’s chief Necromancer. As his daughter, Sabriel is charged with putting the undead to final rest, which often involves her venturing into the realms of Death. Upon her graduation from Wyverley College, Sabriel learns that her father is trapped in Death, neither alive nor dead. Without a Necromancer, the country is at great risk of being overrun by the Dead. Taking her father’s enchanted bells and sword in hand, Sabriel makes her way across the Wall into the Old Kingdom. She gains two companions on her travels and slays many demons in the process of fulfilling her destiny. If you like tales of magic, adventure, dark motivations and long buried secrets, Sabriel is the book for you. Try the audio edition, Tim Curry will not let you down!

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