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Submitted by jill on July 19, 2013 - 12:15pm

Review by Kahsaia, Rohnert Park Branch

Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer

twilight     newmoon     eclipse     breakingdawn

#1 Twilight

#2 New Moon

#3 Eclipse

#4 Breaking Dawn

     Twilight:  It is about a teenage girl going to spend time with her dad, but the only good thing happens when she falls in love with Edward, her schoolmate.  They have to fight to keep their love and they will do anything.

     I picked it up because it is about bloodthirsty vampires and I like dark books.

     I finished it because it was very entertaining, it has action at every corner.  It is a very good book for teens.

     I'd recommend it to teenagers who like to read dark fiction and vampire stories, also to those who can handle drama.

Rated: 2 stars (for bad writing)

     New Moon: As they seem to finally be at peace, Edward reveals that his family is planning to move.  As Edward moves away, Bella starts to do dangerous things, almost drowning herself.  Edward is informed that she had died so he goes to kill himself but she stops him, revealing to the vampires soon to murder him that she's a human.  They decide that she must join them and become a vampire.

     I picked it up because I had already read the first book.

     I finished it because I try to finish every book I start.

     I'd recommend it to teens who like to read dark, dramatic fictional vampire books.

Rated: 2.5 stars


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I love these books they are my favorite series ;) <3

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