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Submitted by jill on October 25, 2013 - 3:16pm

Review by Anna, Sonoma Branch

Cryer's Cross by Lisa Mcmann


     Cryer’s Crossby Lisa McMann is a creepy novel that makes you want to sleep with a night-light once you finish it. Seventeen-year-old Kendall Fletcher lives in a tiny Montana town, Cryer’s Cross, population 212. Kendall’s life finally seems to be picking up. Her best friend became her boyfriend, Julliard is within her reach, and her OCD is no longer dominating her life. Then a tragedy shakes the small town to its core. Kendall starts to fall apart. The only way she managed to stay whole was with the help of mysterious Jacián. But Kendall’s OCD allows her to see the mystery differently than anyone else, and soon she’s hot on the trail of someone devious and ominous.

            I liked this book, which is impressive considering I don’t like horror stories. The novel was slow to start, but by the end of it I was enthralled. The big reveal at the end was something I did not expect and then cursed myself for not predicting it. If you like horror stories, mysteries, or want to spend an evening being creeped out, I recommend this book for you to read.

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