Teen Book Review: Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl

Submitted by teenspace on January 13, 2012 - 5:12pm

  Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl by Daniel Pinkwater

  Review by Anna, Sonoma Valley Branch

 Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl by Daniel Pinkwater is the companion novel to The Yggyssey and The Neddiad.  Audrey is a girl with peculiar cat whiskers.  She recently moved to Poughkeepsie, and works in a store that specializes in aliens, UFOs, Big Foot, and anything science fiction.  Audrey befriends two people from the local loony bin, Professor Tag and Molly.  They all go on a crazy chase, trying to find out why there is a picture of a girl that looks exactly like Audrey, cat whiskers and all.

I enjoyed this book.  It was sometimes hard to follow, because Pinkwater makes up so many things and places.  It was still really fun to read, though, and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys fantasy fiction.

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