Teen Book Review: Crazy

Submitted by teenspace on January 4, 2012 - 6:46pm

  Crazy by Han Nolan

 Review by Anna, Sonoma Valley Branch

 Crazy by Han Nolan is about Jason, and the problems he faces with his crazy dad.  After his mother dies, the responsibility of taking care of his father.  Because neither Jason nor his dad has a job, the house is falling apart and they have very little food.  Making sure his dad is safe requires so much of Jason's time that he has no friends, and he copes with the loneliness by talking to the voices inside his head.  Jason knows the voices are just a figment of his imagination, but he can't help wondering if this was how is dad started becoming crazy.

I loved this book.  I think it accurately tells how it's like to be living with someone crazy, or be crazy.  I thought it was so interesting.  I would recommend this book to anyone.  It doesn't matter what type if books you like, I think you'll love this one.

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