Teen Book Review: Dramarama

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Dramarama by E. Lockhart

Review by Annika, 7th grade, Rincon Valley

Sarah "Sadye" Paulson is the exact opposite of your average drama kid.  She's tall and big nosed, proud and obnoxious.  Her only friend is Demi Howard, a gay African-American with an up-front personality.  Wanting to get out of Brenton, Ohio, Sayde comes up with the idea to go to drama camp at Wildewood Academy.  To Sadye's shock, both of them are accepted into a summer of dancing, acting, and singing.  However, chaos and wonder soon ensure at the camp.  Slowly, Sadye begins to lose her closest friend as the differences between them become more and more apparent.  Auditions are failed, hormones are tossed, and song and dance rule the summer at Wildewood Academy.  Dramarama ends with a twist ending, something no one would see coming that will make one drop the book down for a moment and just stare.  It is a wonderful book for anyone taking drama, Sadye's feelings come alive from the page, so alive that anyone can feel Sadye's emotions and imagine themselves in the story.  Savor it slowly or gobble it up fast, this book is amazing eye-opener that takes the reader to the very depths of human emotion.

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