Teen Book Review: Irish the Demon Slayer

Submitted by kdeweese on April 15, 2013 - 10:20am

Irish the Demon Slayer by C.T. Markee
Review by Fallon, Northwest Branch

Irish Kehoe is just spending the summer with his friends when his little sister Kathy is kidnapped. Irish and his best friends, Streak and Huff, must now go to a world of Celtic mythology to save Kathy. There Irish and his friends find allies in the Sidhe, Cuchulain, and other famous Celtic heroes. They then go on a quest to save Kathy and defeat the evil Abaddon, king of the demons.

We all know about Greek mythology, thanks to Percy Jackson, but few people have read about Celtic mythology. I am not that familiar with Celtic mythology either, but Irish the Demon Slayer definitely exposed me to it. I really enjoyed this book, with exciting plot twists and believable characters you could relate to. I had the pleasure of talking to the author, who is a local Santa Rosa author and this is his debut novel. I would recommend this book to people who want to learn more about Celtic mythology or are just looking for a fun read!

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