Teen Book Review: Lena

Submitted by teenspace on January 13, 2010 - 5:16pm


Lena by Jacqueline Woodson

Review by Annika, Rincon Valley, 7th Grade

Lena and her younger sister, Dion, have been abused by their father.  Reverting to the only option they have left, Lena and her sister take on a dangerous journey cross-country.  Days and weeks go by, and the nights get colder.  Lies that the two of them tell people get harder and harder to stomach, and soon Dion begins questions their motives.  When things can't seem to get any worse, they are offered two choices.  It's up to Lena to decide what path they will take.  Beautifully descriptive and accurate, Woodson creates a world with a mixture of joy, sorrow, and suffering.  Lena is a book that anyone can relate to, finding themselves in one of the many characters.  Many a reader will put this book down with a new opinion on the human nature and what humans are really like.  Not many books are capable of accomplishing the heart-wrenching scenes found in Lena, making it even more of a star among the bookshelf.

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