Teen Book Review: The Kill Order

Submitted by jill on May 1, 2013 - 1:07pm


The Kill Order by James Dashner

Review by Fallon, Northwest Branch

 In this sequel to The Maze Runner series, the sun flares hit the earth and the world falls into chaos. Teenage neighbors Mark and Trina are right in the the middle of. The Kill Order relates their struggle for survival from the time the sun flares hit to the present, a year later when an air ship comes down and kills the people in their village.
Why I picked it up: I was a huge fan of The Maze Runner series and my friend and I were super excited about the prequel coming out.
Why I finished it: I had to see if Mark and Trina(who are great characters) would survive the harsh conditions.
I'd recommend it to: Anyone who liked The Maze Runner series or any dystopian fiction.



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