Teen Book Review: The Phantom Limb

Submitted by teenspace on December 14, 2011 - 7:06pm

The Phantom Limb by William Sleator and Ann Monticone
Review by Alex, Sonoma Valley

Issac has just moved to a new town because his father recently died in a plane crash in Africa.  After his father died, his mother Vera, a gifted piano player, had to be hospitalized to be treated for seizures.  Issac is now forced to live with his grandfather, who lives in a daze all the time.  Issac has started to visit his mother in the hospital and has noticed a bruise that has started to grow on her elbow.  He also discovered a mirror box in his attic that could help Issac find out what is going on in the hospital.  When he learns about what happened to the former owner of the mirror box Issac becomes extremely worried about his mother and is forced to find a way to get her out of that hospital.
Why I Picked it up:  I picked this book up because it sounded very interesting and appealing.
Why I Finished it:  I finished this book in three days because it was so good that I couldn't put it down.
I'd Recommend it:  I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a book with a lot of thrilling adventures and twists that you never see coming.  This was a great book.


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