Teen Book Review: Wither

Submitted by kdeweese on August 3, 2012 - 12:56pm

Wither  by Lauren DeStefano

Reviewed by Fallon D., Northwest Library

Because of modern science, 16-year-old Rhine now has four years left to live.  Males live to 25 years and females to 20.  Beautiful teenage girls are whisked away to marry rich land owners in order to keep the human race from dying out, and Rhine is one of them.  Even though her new life is paradise from her rough life in Manhattan, Rhine has only one idea on her mind: escape.

Why I picked it up: One of my friends recommended it to me, and I was unsure about it , but when I saw it was on YALSA's Teens' Top Ten, I decided to read it.

Why I finished it: Even though I did not think this book was good, I wanted to know if Rhine escaped.  I thought the book was going to be more about her escape, when it was more romance (of course, I hate romance).

I'd recommend it to:  Although I did not enjoy this book, I can definitely see other people loving this book, especially if you like books where the world is falling apart.   

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