Teen Book Review: Zeitoun

Submitted by teenspace on September 13, 2010 - 4:52pm

 Zeitoun by Dave Eggers

Review by Marbeya, Northwest Branch

This book is about a Syrian-American, Abdulrahman Zeitoun, and his experience with Hurricane Katrina.  He has 4 kids with Kathy, who turned to Islamic traditions after her divorce, and owns a contracting company.  He convinces Kathy to take the children to safety without him, and stays behind to protect the house of any immense damages, going against the city officials warnings to evacute the city.  Once he witnesses the unsettling and surreal results of the hurricane he grabs his canoe and sets out to see the damages done throughout New Orleans.  He helps the local dogs, helps people still trapped inside their homes, and delivers water to people in need, all while trying to survive.  There are plenty of twists to the story including misjudgments that will shock the readers.

This is definitely one of my favorite books because the story is so touching and humbling.  I couldn't put it down, therefore managed to read it in a couple of hours, to my surprise.  Also, I love how easy it was to read so people of all ages will be able to enjoy this incredible journey.  I learned a lot about the tragedy with this first-hand insight and was shocked to find out how the situation was sadly handled.  This is a great book and recommend it to everyone looking for a story not only about the Hurricane Katrina but the American governement.

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