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Have you signed up for Summer Reading yet?!?  Its fun and easy to do!  After you read a book, write a review and submit it for a raffle ticket.  Here are some reviews turned in at the Rincon Valley library:

 The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Review by Angie
Brief Description:   The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a classic romance novel featuring Allie and Noah, two people who were meant to be together. 
Why I picked it up:  Several of Nicholas Sparks' novels have been made into movies.
Why I finished it:  I wanted to see if the movie stayed true to the novel.
I'd recommend it to:  Anyone looking for a heart-warming tale to pass the time.

Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter
Review by Carolina
Brief Description:  Cammie tries to figure out exactly who the Blackthorne boys are.  She also tries to get over her ex, Josh.
Why I picked it up:  It was the sequel to one of my favorite books.
Why I finished it:  because I had to find out who caused Code Black.
I'd recommend it to:  My 12-year old sister aka my twin.

 Unwind by Neal Shusterman
Review by Charley
Brief Description:  A world where teens (13 to 18) are used for spare parts in operations to save others who were worth more.  Unwinding is living forever in other people.
Why I picked it up:  I had a friend recommend it.
Why I finished it:  I couldn't stop reading.  I had to find out what happened.
I'd recommend it to:  Fans of the Hunger Games and Uglies.

Stay tuned for more book reviews! 



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The Notebook seems really interesting. Everyone loves the movie but I didn't know there was a book. I'm really excited about reading it. As for the Ally Carter book, thanks sister I really did enjoy it. :)

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