The Maze Runner: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

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    The Maze Runner

Scheduled to hit the big screen on September 19, The Maze Runner is the newest in a series of highly successful books written for teens that have been optioned by Hollywood film studios. Interested in reading the book before the movie is released? Here’s what you need to know:

This page-turner of a book starts when Thomas wakes up in a strange walled-in community known as the Glade. He has no memory of how he got there, or what his life was like before. It begins the same for everyone who arrives at the Glade—every 30 days a new boy arrives via a giant elevator. No memories. No family. No friends. There have never been any girls in the elevator—just boys and enough supplies for the Gladers to last another month. Thomas must quickly learn the rules and adjust to life in the Glade, which is surrounded by a massive maze. It is through the maze that the Gladers believe that their freedom will be found, but it is an unforgiving landscape populated by lethal creatures known as Grievers.  Life in the Glade continues as normal until one day the elevator arrives. In it is a girl, Theresa, with a message: there will be no more arrivals and no more supplies. It becomes quickly apparent to Thomas, Theresa, and the other Gladers that the only hope that they have for survival is to solve the maze and gain their freedom. They must all become maze runners.

The Sonoma County Library has copies of The Maze Runner available in many different formats. Check it out as a book, ebook, audiobook on CD, or downloadable audiobook.

If you finish The Maze Runner and want to find out what happens next then you should definitely check out the rest of the series:

Highly recommended for fans of both the Hunger Games and Divergent series.  

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