Wicked History

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If you are in the mood for a little non-fiction in your life but want a little spice in the book check out the Wicked History series by Scholastic.  This series highlights historical figures who were a little less than innocent in their life.  These biographies are short so you can fly through them in no time.


Henry VII:  Royal Beheader by Price   


Sir Francis Drake:  Slave Trader and Pirate by Nick


Genghis Khan:  13-Century Mongolian Tyrant by Goldberg


Alexander the Great:  Master of the Ancient World by Wilhelm

Napoleon:  Emperor and Conqueror by Heuston

Julius Caesar:  Dictator for Life by Rinaldo

Hannibal:  Rome's Worst Nightmare by Brooks

Attila the Hun:  Leader of the Barbarian Hordes by Price

Catherine the Great:  Empress of Russia by Vincent

Want more?!?   Ask your local librarian for more Wicked History titles!

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