Teen Book Review

Review by Giulianna, Windsor Branch

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo


Alina is the Sun Summoner, chosen to extinguish the Fold.  But once she begins her training in the Little Palace, she sees that not all things are as they seem.

I picked it up because this book was supposedly highly recommended and the magic incorporated in the book was new and interesting.

I finished it because Alina's constant curiosity for wonder kept the story moving and always surprising.

I'd recommend it to people who enjoy magic/fantasy books with some adventure, romance, and good vs. evil.

Teen Book Review

Review by Samantha, Windsor Branch

Rapture of the Deep by L. A. Meyer


In 1806 Jacky Faber is forced to travel to the Carribean to search for sunken gold for Britain.  There she meets many people from her past.

I picked it up because I love the series and the slight dialect used in it.

I finished it because I got drawn in to the adventures in the book, and Jacky's unique personality.

I'd recommend it to people who like pirates and adventure books.  It's not a boring historical fiction book.

Check out the other books in this series, too.

Bloody Jack

The Curse of the Blue Tattoo

Under the Jolly Roger

In the Belly of the Bloodhound

Mississippi Jack

My Bonny Light Horseman

Rapture of the Deep

The Wake of Lorelei Lee

The Mark of the Golden Dragon





Teen Book Review

Review by Isabella, Rohnert Park Branch

Inside Out And Back Again by Thanhha Lai


For all her life, Ha has only known the comfort of her home in Saigon, its culture, and her friends.  But when the Vietnam war reaches Saigon, Ha goes to America with her family.  America is confusing and Ha's life is turned inside out - and back again when she starts to make some friends and settles in.

I picked it up because it won two awards.

I finished it because I liked the story.  It was engaging from the beginning and had many details.

I'd recommend it to my friends since I know we all like the same type of books.

Book Spotlight: Monument 14

Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

14 school kids are in trouble when a massive hailstorm sends their school bus crashing through the glass doors of a chain superstore in order to find shelter. Escalating disasters cause the riot gates to descend trapping the kids inside the store.  The kids struggle for survival while debating whether it is safer to stay or figure out a way to leave and find out what, if anything, is left of their families and the rest of civilization.

     This is a super exciting book!  The realtionships between the kids, ranging in age from 5 to 18, and their struggle to cooperate with each other in order to survive make an interesting human side to a story filled with natural disasters and chemical warfare.  The story flows nicely and makes you want to keep those pages turning!  This book was nominated for the Young Adult Top Ten books of 2013 and I think it will win!  The story is followed by Monument 14: Sky on fire by Emmy Laybourne – I am planning to read that right away!



Programs for Week 7!


Here are the wonderful programs for next week!


Wednesday, July 17

Stuffed Critters - 2 PM, Rohnert Park

Gelatin Printing - 2 PM, Sonoma Valley

Henna Art - 2 PM, Healdsburg

Games Day - 3 PM, Petaluma

Comedy Improv - 3 PM, Guerneville

Thursday, July 18

Watermark Tees - 3 PM, Rincon Valley

Super Hero Masquerade Party - 3:30 PM, Cloverdale

Friday, July 19

T-Shirt Transformation - 3 PM, Windsor

Saturday, July 20

Duct-Tape Mania - 11 AM, Northwest

  • duct tape flower

Duct Tape Mania in Windsor

Look at these cool duct tape projects!      windducttape3   



If you missed it, there are still a couple chances to participate in Duct Tape Mania:

Saturday, July 20 - 11 AM, Northwest Branch

Wednesday, July 24 - 3 PM, Guerneville Branch


Henna Art

Here is what our teens are saying about the Henna Art Program:


 tattoo2         tattoo1 

"I got to get a ton of temporary tattoos on my arms, legs, hands, and feet."  Rated: 5 Stars    - Maccie, Rohnert Park

"We were able to do Henna on ourselves and if we wanted, the artist did it for us!"   Rated: 5 Stars     - Sophia, Rohnert Park

"I love Henna!" Rated: 5 Stars     - Monique, Rohnert Park

If you missed out, there are still a few Henna programs coming up!

Wednesday, July 17 - 2 PM, Healdsburg Branch

Thursday, July 25 - 3 PM, Rincon Valley

Friday, July 26 - 3 PM, Sebastopol


Teen Book Review

Review by Wesley, Rohnert Park Branch


The Deep (Dive #2) by Gordon Korman

     Description:  4 divers named Dante, Star, Kaz, and Adriana find sunken treasure and can't hide it.

     I picked it up because it was a prize and I wanted a treasure book.

     I finished it because I like treasure books.

     I'd recommend it to people who are involved in history.



Teen Book Review

Review by Karina, Rohnert Park Branch


Theodore Boone: Kid lawyer by John Grisham

     Description:  Theo is a 13-year-old wanna be lawyer, and for good reason.  He knows the law more than most lawyers.  He cracks open a case about to be ignored and lost.  He works hard and proves his leads.

     I picked it up because it was a gift.

     I finished it because there were cliff-hangers like no other book, I HAD to know what happened!

     I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a gripping mystery with a smart kid.


Teen Book Review

Review by Matt, Rohnert Park Branch

Three books by Tom Angleberger:

origamiyoda     darthpaper     fortunewookie

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Darth Paper Strikes Back

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee

     Description: Adventures of the students at Mcquarrie Middle School and their Star Wars themed Origami.

     I picked it up because I read the first two installments.

     I finished it because I felt obligated to finish the series.

     I'd recommend it to any huge Star Wars fan, or a Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan.