• 3D printing results from TinkerCad designs

    3D printing results from TinkerCad designs

When the 3D printer came to town

Three-dimensional printing seems like magic: a machine prints an object layer by layer to make something out of almost nothing. You turn on the machine, wait a few minutes and voilà, the object appears!

This is the “Wow!” factor that the Press Democrat described in an article printed on August 27. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated: you need a design created on a computer and saved in a file, plus the 3D printing filament material in order to print an object.

Whether you’re apprehensive, inspired, or mildly interested by three-dimensional printing, we encourage you to explore the topic. You might be surprised how immersed you become in the design work, not to mention how mesmerizing you find the 3D printing process itself—it’s hard to look away!

 While hosting the MakerBot Replicator Two 3D printer at the Petaluma Library we were impressed with the sophistication of the designs people brought to print and the varied online programs people used (TinkerCad, SketchUp, TinkerPlay, and more). A few original designs were practical objects or new inventions, others were simply fun toys or knick knacks. To a person, though, everyone has had fun printing. And, we at the library learned quite a bit about 3D printer maintenance and troubleshooting.

The computer-aided design process is where the true creativity lies, and it’s easy to explore with books or online 3D drawing programs.

Take a look at some of the books below, or go to TinkerCad.com or SketchUp Make and design yourself an object. TinkerPlay is a new app and program for creating toy creatures with ball and socket connectors. This robot was designed by a five-year old with help from mom:

TinkerPlay robot

The Sonoma County Library’s 3D printer is now at the Petaluma Regional Library, after a two-month stint at the Guerneville Library, and an initial period at the Central Santa Rosa Library. After September the printer will travel to the Healdsburg Library for a two-month stay.

 Once you attend an introductory workshop you can book a free 2-hour print session to print your own creation.

What will you design?

Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing book cover   3D Printing book cover    Zero to Maker book cover 

  • Tin Star

Tula Bane

On an alien space station circling a depleted planet Tula Bane is beaten and left behind by Brother Blue, the man responsible for keeping the human race on intergalactic maps as a major species. From hopeful colonist to dealing in trades and secrets to stay alive, Tula drags herself from the underbelly of the space station to gain the damning evidence she needs to get revenge for her family and others Brother Blue has harmed.

Along the way she makes friends, enemies, and allies as she fights for her life and fellow humans. This hidden gem of a story spans two books by author Cecil Castellucci and is a satisfying space adventure. 

Tin Star Cover     Stone in the sky

Other books by Cecil Castellucci:

Year of Beasts

Other Science Fiction YA titles to check out:


  • Kindle Fire 2

    Kindle Fire 2

Teen Read 2015 Grand Prize Winners

And the Winner is.....

This year teen summer readers had the opportunity to win a Kindle Fire 2 tablet. Thanks to everyone who participated this year. If you didn't win this time, be sure to sign up for Teen Read next summer.

PS: If you are already the happy owner of a tablet like the Kindle Fire or want to learn how to download ebooks and audiobooks to your tablet or smartphone, take a look at our online tutorials. You can download ebooks and audiobooks FREE from Sonoma County Library with your library card. Yes!

And now, on to the winners!

Healdsburg winner Fiona with Branch manager Jon

Petaluma winner Claire

Rincon Valley winner Emily with Branch Manager Jennifer

Central Library winner Lucas with Teen Services Librarian Rachel

Northwest Library winner Ellie (on the left), Branch Manager Kate, and friend Abby.

Windsor Library winner Ian and Branch Manager Bill

  • I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

    I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

A heart the size of a blue whale's

 Many thanks to Sebastopol teen reader Kaya for this canvas inspired by her reading of Jandy Nelson's book I'll Give You the Sun. This really is the most perfect type of book review for this particular book as art features prominently in the story. Thanks Kaya!


  • PostSecret Mailing Address

    PostSecret Mailing Address

Pictures Speak a Thousand Secrets

teen read: art

PostSecret is an ongoming community art project begun by Frank Warren. Anyone is welcome to write their secrets on one side of a postcard and mail it to Frank. Funny, chilling, and often close to home, sharing secrets is powerful. The secrets have been compiled into book form. Check our library collection for all the PostSecret books. Maybe you have one to share?

Thanks to Central Teen Reader Caitlin for this wonderful visual book review.

  • Bucket List film

    Bucket List film

Have Holes in your Summer Bucket List?


Have you done everything on your summer bucket list? You can watch the movie or get outside and get some things crossed off your own bucket list. Have you thought about doing any of the following?

Visit the Sonoma County Fair?

Go to the beach?

Play Hide and Seek at NIght?

Re-read an old favorite?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K Rowling

Who hasn't read Harry Potter and loved him? Always a good book to re-visit!

Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene

This is a great summer story - friendship, romance and historical fiction all rolled into one.

Holes by Louis Sachar 

Definitely not your usual summer camp! Will Stanley Yelnats manage to survive another summer camp at Camp Green Lake? 

  • Morphine by Mikhail Bulgakov

    Morphine by Mikhail Bulgakov

Books, Our Drug of Choice

Teen read: art

Mikhail Bulgalkov's book Morphine inspired Central Library teen reader Daria to draw this chilling image. This is the best kind of artistic book review - it really makes me curious about this book! Thanks Daria!

From Page to Silver Screen

Read the next big blockbuster before it hits the screen.

It's nothing new for Hollywood studios to turn books into movies, but with the recent success of blockbusters like The Hunger Games and The Fault in Our Stars film execs are more frequently turning to teen novels to get their inspiration. In fact it's not uncommon for studios to snap up the screen rights to books before they are even published! Impress your friends with some insider knowledge and check out these upcoming book-to-movies before they hit the screen:

Paper Towns

For years John Green’s books have been guaranteed hits, and it seems that this is true now for movies based on his work. When Quentin’s neighbor Margot—who he happens to be madly in love with—disappears shortly before high school graduation he uncovers a trail of clues that lead him from Florida to New York. Part mystery, part road novel, this witty, fun and ruminative adventure is sure to please. Movie to be released on July 24, 2015. 



The 5th wave

A tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic alien-invaded world. Plenty of thrills and chills that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Will the human race survive? Movie to be released on January 15, 2016.




 a monster callsA Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness

13-year-old Conor, whose mom is dying from cancer, is living a real life nightmare and struggling to come to terms with his feelings. He wakes one night to find a giant tree-like monster looming over him. The monster tells him three stories, and demands Conor’s story in return. The catch? Conor’s story must be truthful, for through truth comes understanding. Movie to be released on October 14, 2016.



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, by J.K. Rowlingfantastic beasts and where to find them

Diehard fans will recall mention of this tome in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The movie adaptation is set to be produced as a trilogy and will star Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, Order of Merlin, Second Class. Movie to be released on November 18, 2016.




let it snow

What could be better than a movie based on a John Green novel? How about a movie based on a collection of three interconnected novellas written by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle—a trio of teen lit’s biggest stars. Set during a Christmas Eve snowstorm, these romantic, fun and quirky stories are sure to bring warmth to the holiday season. Movie to be released on December 9, 2016



Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom RiggsMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Jacob’s grandfather always told him tales of an island where children with special abilities lived, but he never thought of them as more than that—stories. After his grandfather is brutally murdered by what looked like a monster, Jacob travels to the island hoping to find closure and understanding. What Jacob finds instead are the ruins of a creepy manor and something much more sinister. The movie is set to be directed by Tim Burton, so you know it will exude a sense of creeping terror. Movie to be Released on March 4, 2016.




After Luce’s boyfriend dies in a mysterious fire she is sent to a reform school where she meets, and is inexplicably drawn toward a gorgeous boy named Daniel. Luce begins to feel like she has met Daniel somewhere before and begins to investigate, eventually uncovering truths about his supernatural nature. Check this out if you are a fan of the Twilight series. Movie to be released in 2015 or 2016.  




Set in the future, the western states have seceded and California is part of the socially-stratified Republic. Beset by plague and inequality the have-nots of the Republic struggle to survive while the elite prosper.  Day is the people’s champion—a post-apocalyptic Robin Hood—but when he is accused of killing a Republic elite he must go on the run. June—the sister of the man Day is accused of killing—is hot on Day’s trail, but the closer she gets the more she questions what really happened. If you like The Hunger Games be sure to check out the Legend series. Movie to be released in 2016.

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) - Nerdfighters Paper Towns Movie Event!

In the spirit of Nerdfighters and connecting our community with literacy and empowerment, the Sonoma County Library has planned an event where teens can donate books in good condition to six library branches and receive a free voucher to the latest John Green book to movie, Paper Towns. The book donations will go to the new Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) Dream Center which will open this Fall in Santa Rosa. 

Book donations will be accepted the week of July 21-25, and the first 20 teens to donate books at each participating branch will receive a voucher for a showing of the Paper Towns movie at a local movie theater, Saturday, July 25th. Participating branches include CentralNorthwestPetaluma, Rincon ValleyRohnert Park, and Sebastopol.  See your local participating branch for details!

But first, you may ask yourself, "What is a Nerdfighter?" Nerdfighter is a term that came from the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green. Watch this video to learn more about the positivity that Nerdfighteria is sending out into cyberspace to combat World Suck. 

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) is an organization that provides opportunities and support to youth and families throughout Sonoma County facing homelessness, foster care, gang influence and the challenges that come with dealing with these issues. The Dream Center will provide housing, counseling and job training for youth. Wonderful is a short film series made by Erik Castro that spotlights moments with several youth who have experience with SAY. 




  • Bird by Angela Johnson

    Bird By Angela Johnson

Teen Read Art

reading inspires art

A Central Library teen reader enjoyed Angela Johnson's book Bird so much that they drew this wonderful picture. Patrons participating in Teen Read 2015 read books and win prizes. It's not too late to sign up!