New titles – January 2013

Here are a few interesting new titles that have come to the Wine Library over the last few months:

The Diner's Dictionary

The Diner's Dictionary: Word Origins of Food and Drink, by John Ayto. 2nd ed. 

While there are plenty of food and drink dictionaries offering basic definitions, this dictionary is useful because of its etymological detail. One can find out about the origins and development of the word "julep," for example, or the difference between the terms "beerenauslese" and "trockenbeerenauslese," or the relative acceptance across the Atlantic of the terms "offal," "variety meat" and "organ meats." 


Wine grapes: a complete guide to 1,368 vine varieties, including their origins and flavors, by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding, and Jose Vouillamoz.

This reference work is the most significant volume published on ampelography in recent years. The stunning work details history and origins of grape varieties, including detailed DNA analyses, and also includes full-color plates from the revered Ampélographie of Viala and Vermorel. 

Evening Wine


Evening Wine, drawings by Glen G. Greenwalt.

Representing another side of our collection, this is a book of drawings by Seattle artist Glen Greenwalt; it is the third book in a series, also including Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea. The book includes a short introduction by Marvin Shanken of Wine Spectator and each drawing is paired with an engaging wine-related quote.

The Art of Distilling Whiskey

The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits, by Bill Owens and Alan Diktey. 

The Wine Library receives a lot of questions about beer and spirits in addition to wine! We have several resources on distillation, including this new book. This is a basic overview of the topic, including a short history of distilling, an explanation of the distillation process, and chapters detailing specific distilled spirits (whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy, etc.) and principal varieties and producers of each. Finally, the book features a "resources" section with a bibliography, a glossary, and a directory of distillers. 


New titles – September 2012

Here are a few interesting new titles that came to the Wine Library over the summer:

The Organic Backyard Vineyard: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Your Own Grapes, by Tom Powers. WL 634.8 POWERS

This book provides the basics of planning, installing, harvesting, and maintaining a small vineyard. The book includes important information about grape variety hardiness, vine and row spacing, building trellis and irrigation systems, pest control, and various harvesting and crushing topics, and features a useful simple glossary.

Wine, by André Dominé. WL 663.2 WINE

The sixth "updated" edition of this comprehensive resource on wine is a beautiful and extensive book useful to anyone from lifelong oenophiles to those completely new to wine. In the first couple of chapters, there are long and detailed sections in available on enjoying wine; grapes, vines, and terroir; vineyard and winery operations; and barrel and bottle making. The bulk of the book details regions of the winemaking world, with detailed maps, numerous photographs, and extra side information.

The update contains significant new information about wine regions and grape varieties around the world as well as a plethora of new images. 


The Drops of God, written by Tadashi Agi; Illustrated by Shu Okimoto. WL G AGI

This set of Manga novels chronicles the story of Shizuku Kanzaki, son of a world-famous wine critic. He has deliberately snubbed his father's business for years, working sales for Taiyo Beer, and has never tasted wine–but now that his father has died, his inheritance hangs on his ability to win a year-long competition with a famous young critic, identifying fabulous wines described carefully by his father.