Breaking News: Twilight as a Graphic Novel

EW announced that Yen Press will be publishing a Twilight graphic novel.  EW did not give a publication date for the Twilight graphic novel but when it comes out the library will be sure to have it.  Check out EW’s website for more information and a graphic of what Bella and Edward will look like.  Will you read Twilight as a graphic novel or do you like reading the story without pictures?  Tell us!

Teen Summer Reading Book Reviews

This summer SCL is posting some of the book reviews teens are writing for the teen summer reading program.  Check daily for new teen reviews being posted.  You can find these short summer book reviews on the right hand side.

The book title links to our catalog if you want to read one of these books.

 Happy Summer Reading!

If you are interested in joining the Teen Summer Reading Program contact your local branch for more information.

Looking for a new website to share your opinions? to express yourself? to talk to someone? might be the website for you. is a website for girls between the ages of 13 to 17. These are the features on
Speak Out…….Share your opinion, take an online poll
Express Yourself……….Write a poem or a love letter and submit it
Spread the Word………….Write a reviw on anything from travel to books to beauty
Issues………………E-mail a smartgirl mentor for advice
You can find smartgirl at Check it out and let us know what you think!

Fun at the Healdsburg Library

The teens at the Healdsburg Library are having fun this summer.  In addition to the summer reading program, teens have participated in origami and crafts such as bleach effect t-shirts and food creations.  That’s not to mention summer movies and fun with the Nintendo Wii.
tshirthealds1.JPG Bleach Effect T-Shirt design by Ana, Healdsburg

tshirt2.JPG Bleach Effect T-Shirt Design by Samantha, Healsburg

tshirt3.JPG Bleach Effect T-Shirt Design by Rudy, Healdsburg

origami1.JPG Origami by Healdsburg Teen

food.JPG Food Mood Program

food2.JPG A Poodle from Food Mood Program

food3.JPG Food Mood

food4.JPG Food Mood

 Want to join in on the fun?  Healdsburg will have three more programs this summer.  Henna on Monday, July 13th @ 3 p.m., Teen Movie Afternoon on Monday, July 20th @ 3 p.m., and an Ice Cream Social on Monday, July 27th @ 3 p.m.  For more information please contact Rachel at 433-3772.

Teen Book Review: The Reformed Vampire Support Group

reformed.jpg The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks
Review by Mikayla, 11th Grade, Cloverdale
You know most people think of vampires as romantic, sexy, powerful beings.  Truth is though…They’re Not!  Honestly.  Vampires are dead.  And the ones that don’t want to end up staked like Casimir, well they have to admit they have a problem.  Stop fanging people, and join a support group.  Just ask Nina.  She was fanged at 15 and hasn’t aged since 1973.   Now the highlight of her eternal life is her Tuesday Night group meeting.  But when Casimir is staked things start to get way more interesting.  Nina, Dave, and Father Ramon set out on a journey to find Casimir’s killer.  Although they have a little trouble along the way.  Such as illegal were-wolf fights, and the owners of the ring don’t take to kindly to strangers.  When they finally…well now I’m just ruining the story.  You want to know more?  Go read the book!