Book Spotlight: If I Stay

stay.jpg If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Book Spot Light by Rachel, Library Associate, Healdsburg
This book was also reviewed by one of our teen book reviewers.  To see her review please click here.
We all make choices everyday: to call one friend and not another, to wear a certain outfit over another. Imagine having the choice to decide whether to live or to die? to go on to whatever lies in the afterlife, or to stay here with the living. Seventeen year old Mia faces many decisions in her life. A talented cellist, she wants to go to Juilliard after high school. But that would mean leaving her punk rock boyfriend Adam behind in Portland. One day in February, school is closed due to snow and Mia and her family decide to drive to a friend’s house for brunch. They never make it. Mia wakes up to the sight of her own body in a ditch, flung from the car. Her parent’s bodies lay in the road, her little brother nowhere to be found. Separated from her body, Mia follows the ambulance to the hospital. As doctors try to put Mia’s body back together, her spirit must decide – should she stay? What is there to live for? This audio edition of the book is performed by Kirsten Potter, who does a great job with the intense emotions in this story. I even got teary eyed a few times while listening! I highly recommend this book to musicians because nearly every character is either a passionate musician or lover of music. If you liked Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher or Before I Die by Jenny Downham, you should read this book or listen to this great audio edition.

Book Review: The Chosen One

chosen.jpg The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams
Review by Tiffany, Young Adult Librarian, Rincon Valley
This heart thumping, thought-provoking book is about Kyra, a thirteen year old girl, who lives on a compound that houses a polygamist community. Her loving father is the husband to three women and Kyra has 20 siblings – not including the two more that are on the way.  Because she has lived in this environment her whole life, it is normal to her.  She loves her sisters and mothers very much and wouldn’t do anything purposely to hurt them. 

Everything changes one night when The Prophet comes to their house to proclaim that Kyra must marry Brother Hyrum, her father’s oldest brother, a man who is at least fifty years her elder.  Kyra will be the 7th wife of Brother Hyrum.  Kyra knows this is wrong and that their way of life is wrong, but can she leave her family and run for her life?

Note:  There are some disturbing and violent scenes in The Chose One.

Contest: Letters About Literature

“Books have wings.  You can’t see them, but they are there just the same.  On books’ wings, readers can soar to new places where they meet intriguing characters and experience exciting adventures.  But a book’s wings can also help a reader rise above difficult situations so that they see the world – or themselves – with new understanding.  Has a book touched your life in a personal way?  If so, we invite you to enter this year’s LAL competition.  Have you ever felt the power and lift of literature?”
The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress in partnership with Target presents Letters About Literature.  There are prizes on both the state and national levels.  Everyone between the grades 4th through 12th can enter.  All you need to do is to read a book, fiction or nonfiction, a short story, poem, essay or speech that brings out strong emotions in you.  Next write a personal, reflective letter and submit it to Letters About Literature by December 12, 2009.  For more details please visit the Letters About Literature Website.

Coming October 23rd!

The very popular series, The Saga of Darren Shan, AKA The Cirque du Freak series, by Darren Shan is being made into a movie.  The movie, Cirque du Freak:  The Vampire’s Assistant, will include the first three books in the series.   Internet Movie Database ( will give you all the details you need including photos.  Check it out!
Book One:  Cirque du Freak
Book Two:  The Vampire’s Assistant
Book Three:  Tunnels of Blood

cirque.jpg vampire.jpg tunnels.jpg

Librarian Audio Book Review: Sabriel

sabriel.jpg Sabriel by Garth Nix, Audio Book narrated by Tim Curry
Review by Rachel, Library Associate, Healdsburg
For anyone who’s been to a Rocky Horror Picture Show event, you know how great Tim Curry is as Frankenfurter. Now imagine his amazing voice with its thick British accent reading you the story of a young woman battling legions of the Dead. Sabriel is a young Necromancer who grew up in Ancelstierre, on the other side of the Wall which protects the people of Ancelstierre from the Old Kingdom. Sabriel’s father is called Abhorsen, the country’s chief Necromancer. As his daughter, Sabriel is charged with putting the undead to final rest, which often involves her venturing into the realms of Death. Upon her graduation from Wyverley College, Sabriel learns that her father is trapped in Death, neither alive nor dead. Without a Necromancer, the country is at great risk of being overrun by the Dead. Taking her father’s enchanted bells and sword in hand, Sabriel makes her way across the Wall into the Old Kingdom. She gains two companions on her travels and slays many demons in the process of fulfilling her destiny. If you like tales of magic, adventure, dark motivations and long buried secrets, Sabriel is the book for you. Try the audio edition, Tim Curry will not let you down!

Book Review: Harmless

harmless.jpg Harmless by Dana Reinhardt
Review by Tiffany, Young Adult Librarian, Rincon Valley Library

The voice of the narrator rotates between the three main characters, Emma, Anna and Mariah.  Emma and Anna have been best friends for years and Mariah just started hanging out with them.  Mariah is talked about a lot at school because she is dating a senior from the public high school.

One weekend the friends lie to their parents so they can go to a party at Mariah’s boyfriend’s house.  The lie works and they don’t get caught.  So, the next weekend they do it again.  This time they get caught and instead of telling the truth about where they were they tell another lie, a much bigger lie that leads to much more than they expected.

Harmless is a realistic story of how one lie can get out of control.  If you like Sarah Dessen or Maureen Johnson you may enjoy Harmless.

Don’t like to read?  Try the audio book!


Throughout summer reading branches offered Henna for Teens.  We had over 150 teens come to the henna events!  The creativity, expression and art work was very impressive.  Thank you for making these henna events a big success!

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