Pumpkin Carving Contest @ Petaluma, Healdsburg & Rincon Valley

Teens at the Petaluma, Central, Rincon Valley and Healdsburg branch carved pumpkins last week and yesterday.  The librarians took pictures of the pumpkins and the public are voting on their favorite pumpkin.  The teens were creative in their designs and pumpkin names.  In Petaluma teens named their pumpkins all sort of things like Jacka, A Trip to the Dentist and Cat got Mouse.  Below are a sampling of the pumpkins carved at the branches.  This event was a lot of fun but messy!  Stop by Petaluma, Central, Rincon Valley or Healdsburg to vote for your favorite pumpkin!

dscn2559.JPG Petaluma Branch

peta1a.JPG Petaluma Branch

peta2a.JPG Petaluma

peta3a.JPG Petaluma Branch

batunknown2.JPG Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-014.jpg Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-015.jpg Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-019.jpg Healdsburg Branch

cent3.jpg Central Branch

cent4.jpg Central Branch

central1.jpg Central Branch

rinc2.JPG Rincon Valley Branch

rinc4.JPG Rincon Valley Branch

rinc5.JPG Rincon Valley

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving Contest @ Petaluma, Healdsburg & Rincon Valley

  1. Yes, that would be fun! Let’s try and do that next year! Thanks for the suggestion!

    -Tiffany @ Rincon Valley

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