Book Spotlight: Seize the Story

seize.jpg Seize the Story by Victoria Hanley
Do you like to write?  Do you want to write your own book?  You might want to check out this handy guide geared towards teens who enjoy writing.  This book gives you 14 chapters of tips, facts and information to get you started.

Chapter One:  Freeing Your Imagination
Chapter Two:  Creating Characters
Chapter Three:  Beginnings
Chapter Four:  Setting
Chapter Five:  The Heart of a Writer
Chapter Six:  Writing Dialogue
Chapter Seven:  Showing and Telling
Chapter Eight:  Plotting and Scheming
Chapter Nine:  Conflicts, Middles and Ends
Chapter Ten:  Polishing Your Writing
Chapter Eleven:  Point of View
Chapter Twelve:  Into the Future
Chapter Thirteen:  Interviews with Authors
Chapter Fourteen:  Questions and Answers

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