Book Spotlight: Split in Two

split.jpg Split in Two:  Keeping It Together When Your Parents Live Apart
by:  Karen Buscemi

Its hard when your parents get a divorce.  Its even harder when your time is split between two different houses.  Split in Two is here to help.   This thin book is divided into 8 chapters of advice and solutions to common problems that teens have when their time is divided between two parents.

  1. The Daily Shuffle:  Analyzing Your New (or Not-So-New) Arrangement
  2. The Family Bargaining Table:  Learning How to Get What You Need
  3. Your Room – and Your Other Room:  Making It Feel Like Home in Both Houses
  4. I’m Supposed to Be Where When?:  Dealing with Your Crazy Schedule
  5. The Life of an Intrepid Traveler:  Learning How to Pack and Haul It All
  6. Cash Control:  Creating Some Financial Independence
  7. Parent Patrol:  Keeping the Adults on Track
  8. Now What?:  Moving Forward with Your Life

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