Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate MAY

National Bike Month
Join the annual, month-long celebration of bicycling activities.  Check your local newspaper for event information or go to the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition at

National Hamburger Month
Instead of just EATING hamburgers this month, why not search out some interesting information about them for your next essay assignment?  Try

National Physical Fitness Month
The focus this month is on physical fitness which you will need if you take National Hamburger Month seriously!

National Salad Month  j0223775.jpg
Use your imagination to come up with fun, healthy salads.  Try different, homemade salad dressings for an interesting twist to the routine dinner salad.  Use ingredients from your kitchen pantry – no need for special ingredients.

Get Caught Reading Month
What better use of the library than to sit down and read.  Now is the time to write a list of all the books you want to read over the summer.  Join the Teen Summer Reading Program and win prizes for just READING!

National Smile Month
Do you really need a reason to smile?  Even though national smile month was created by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, none of us should need to be reminded to smile.

Creative Beginnings Month
Cultivate your own creativity this month.  As the buds of spring are opening, let your creative energies burst forth this month.  Maybe you will discover something new about yourself?

Ecodriving Month
Even if you aren’t old enough to drive, offer some tips to those who help you out by giving you rides.  Focus on ecodriving this month and do your part in addressing energy and climate issues.

National Photo Month
Capture all those special and not-so-special moments.  Digital makes it so easy to snap photos of everything including people, animals, plants, landscapes, food, or whatever you find interesting.  Whether you use your photos only in digital format or actually make prints, you will be glad you took the time to memorialize some of your best times.

and last, but not least……………..

Batman debut anniversary is May 1.  In the May1, 1939 issue of Detective Comics #27 debuted a new crime fighter, the “Batman”, created by Bob Kane.  Next month:  Superman Debuts: Anniversary.

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