Top Reasons to Celebrate July

National Hot Dog Month

Did you know that more than 3 billion hot dogs per year are consumed in the U.S.?  Click on our link for more fun facts and recipes.  And, don't forget those hot dogs for your 4th of July celebration!

National "Doghouse Repairs" Month

Time to fix those leaky roofs in your doghouse in preparation for winter.  There are plenty of websites to help you with this project.  It will give you something to do on these L-O-N-G summer days!

National Recreation and Parks Month

Support our local parks and enjoy some fresh air during "National Recreation and Parks" Month.  If you haven't hiked in our local parks, now would be a great time.  Plan a hike and picnic with friends and don't forget your camera.  Some hiking trails offer beautiful scenery along the way.  Click on our link to find the park nearest you.  Have fun!

Social Wellness Month

This doesn't mean updating your facebook page.  Check out our link for some inspirational quotes such as:

“Think lucky. If you fall in a pond, check your pockets for fish.” -

“The sky behind the clouds is always blue.”

Do you share a July birthday with Malia Obama (July 4), Michelle Kwan (July 7) and Daniel Radcliffe (July 23)?

Teen Henna Pictures from Last Week!

Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley
Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley

Henna for Teens @ Rincon Valley


Come to our other upcoming events (Week of July 29th):

Tuesday, June 29th, Guerneville, Henna Art for Teens, 2pm
Tuesday, June 29th, Healdsburg, Bleach Effect T-Shirts, 3pm

Wicked History

If you are in the mood for a little non-fiction in your life but want a little spice in the book check out the Wicked History series by Scholastic.  This series highlights historical figures who were a little less than innocent in their life.  These biographies are short so you can fly through them in no time.

henry.jpg Henry VII:  Royal Beheader by Price   

sir.jpg Sir Francis Drake:  Slave Trader and Pirate by Nick

genghis.jpg Genghis Khan:  13-Century Mongolian Tyrant by Goldberg

  Alexander the Great:  Master of the Ancient World by Wilhelm

Napoleon:  Emperor and Conqueror by Heuston

Julius Caesar:  Dictator for Life by Rinaldo

Hannibal:  Rome's Worst Nightmare by Brooks

Attila the Hun:  Leader of the Barbarian Hordes by Price

Catherine the Great:  Empress of Russia by Vincent

Want more?!?   Ask your local librarian for more Wicked History titles!


Pictures from Summer Reading Programs

Each week during Summer Reading branches around the county have events for Teens.  Check out the event page for more information. 


Henna for Teens @ Petaluma

Henna for Teens @ Petaluma

Henna for Teens  @ Petaluma

Henna for Teens @ Petaluma

Stuffed Creatures @ Sebastopol

Stuffed Creatures @ Rincon Valley

Stuffed Creatures @ Rincon Valley

Stuffed Creatures @ Rincon Valley

Stuffed Creatures @ Rincon Valley


Don't miss out on these events coming next week.  (Week of June 21st):

Monday, June 21st, Rincon Valley, Henna Art for Teens, 3 pm
Tuesday, June 22nd, Guerneville, Bleach Effect T-Shirts, 2 pm
Thursday, June 24th, Central, Bleach Effect T-Shirts, 3 pm



Book Spotlight: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

Review by Tiffany, Librarian, Rincon Valley & Sebastopol

Having read all the books in Meyer's Twilight series, I anxiously awaited the release of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.  I didn't remember the minor character of Bree in Eclipse, but I was still curious about this novella. 

Bree Tanner was made into a vampire as part of Victoria's army.  She is told very little about being a vampire or why she was created.  She lives in constant fear because other vampires that she lives with are killed in fits of anger quite regularly.  One night while she is hunting, she starts talking to Diego, another newborn with more experience.  She instantly trusts Diego and together they figure out that they aren't being told the whole truth about their existence.

While I enjoyed Meyer's new book, it was really too short to have much substance.  It was interesting to hear how the newborns were treated before they fought the Cullens.  If you are a diehard Twilight fan, you don't want to miss Meyer's newest book.  It's so short you will finish in no time at all!

A Trip to Costa Rica?!? Essay Contest!

Here is a chance to go to Costa Rica for FREE!  Global Leadership Adventures is offereing a trip to Costa Rica for one high school student this summer.  The winner will get an all-expense paid 10-day Tropical Ecology & Service program from August 14th to August 23rd.

Students between the ages of 14 to 18 can enter.  You must write an essay answering this question "Tell us how you've shown leadership in your community?  And, how would performing community service in an international setting help you further develop your leadership skills on a local and global level?

The essays are due June 25, 2010!

For more information please visit

*Please refer all questions to the above website.  Sonoma County Library is not sponsoring this contest!  Thank you!*

Summer Reading Book Reviews!

Are you curious what other teens are reading?  This year we are posting some of the Teen Summer Reading Book Reviews that come in.  Check them out on the right side of the page.  Right now you can read reviews from Rincon Valley by clicking here

Here are a sample of the reviews:

In the forests at night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
This book talks about a girl who was transformed into a vampire from the year 1701. She didn't want to be a vampire. They killed her brother, and she is a vampire for 300 years. Now she seeks a revenge for her brother's death and for her transformation.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Review by Alexis, Rincon Valley

Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Gracia
This book combines fantasy with the struggle for an impossible chance of love. Ethan, the protagonist, can't help but fall for new girl, but there are so many other obstacles to overcome before they can be together.
Rating: 7 out of 10
Review by Makenna, Rincon Valley

Make Waves @ Your Library

Summer Reading has started! 

This year's theme is Make Waves @ Your Library

Here's How it Works:

Sign Up at your local library and RECEIVE a FREE BOOK
Read books each week
Return short reviews to
Enter at your local library for…
a Prize!

Prizes include gift certificates to Copperfield Books, Starbucks, itunes and more!  The grand prize at each branch is a flip camera! 

Check out our Teen Summer Reading Events!

Top Reasons to Celebrate June

International Surf Music Month clip_image0021.jpg This is the 2nd Annual International Surf Music Month.  This event is sponsored by the North East Surf Music Alliance.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month "Observed this month because on June 28, 1969, the clientele of a gay bar at New York City rioted after the club was raided by the police.  President Clinton issued presidential proclamations for this month, but President Bush did not declare it during his administration.  President Obama resumed proclaiming this month in 2009."

National Bathroom Reading Month Do you read in the bathroom? The Bathroom Readers' Institute celebrates the 66 percent of Americans who admit to reading in the bathroom.

National Candy Month Do you enjoy candy from time to time?  Most Americans do and now is the month to celebrate all the wonderful sweetness that is available to us.

National GLBT Book Month To celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender writing.  To see a list of YA GLBT books available at Sonoma County Library please see our GLBTQ Reading List.

Student Safety Month To bring awareness on making good decisions on graduation night, summer parties and other events.

The Top Reason to Celebrate June:

Teen Summer Reading Program @ Your Library

Signups started Monday, June 7th.  Come in and receive a free book for signing up!