Teen Book Review: Leverage

Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen

Review by Alex, Sonoma Valley Branch

Leverage is a book about two athletes at Anooka High School.  Danny is a gymnast and Kurt is a football player.  A prank war between the two teams goes bad and causes freshman gymnast Ronnie Gunderson to commit suicide.  The football team captains will do anything to keep it a secret.  With Kurt's secret past haunting him, he will need the help of Danny to show the whole school what really happened to Ronnie.

Why I picked it up:  I picked up Leverage because I love sports so it immediately interested me. 

Why I finished it:  I finished it because I wanted to see how the truth would be revealed to the rest of the school about Ronnie.

I'd recommend it to:  I'd recommend this book to anyone who like sport books.

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