Volunteer @ Your Library!

Want to give back to your community?  Do you enjoy working with kids?  Do you need to "beef up" your college application?  If so, we need you!

Every year teens across the county help us run our summer reading program.  If you are interested in helping at your local library give us a call because we need you!

These branches are actively looking for teen volunteers:

Central Library (downtown Santa Rosa):  Kathleen, 545-0831 ext. 514

Healdsburg:  Tiffany, 433-3772 ext. 6

Northwest:  Kim, 546-2265 ext. 6

Petaluma:  Kate, 763-9801 ext. 6

Rincon Valley:  Laura, 537-0162 ext. 6

Sebastopol (after 6/19):  Tiffany, 823-7691 ext. 6 or tbronzan@sonoma.lib.ca.us

Windsor:  Ana or Bill, 838-1020 ext. 6

Teen Read 2012

Teen Read 2012

The format for our summer reading program is new this year!  Go to your local library the week of June 5th* to pick up a bingo card!  

Once you complete one row on the bingo card you will earn a free paperback book!

Complete 5-in-a-row and get a raffle ticket for cool prizes. 

Complete the ENTIRE CARD and win a prize!

See your local branch for more details!

*The Sebastopol branch's teen read program will start June 26th.

Teen Read 2012 Programs!

All programs are free and fun!

Book Spotlight: Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Reviewed by: Phil, librarian, Cloverdale Branch

Synopsis: In the not-so-distant future the world flat-out sucks; life is hard for most, including teen Wade Watts, who spends most of his time plugged into the virtual reality multi-verse OASIS. Though most use OASIS to escape the harsh reality of 2044, Wade is an ardent Gunter – a term given to those trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable multi-part puzzle devised by one the creators of OASIS. Whoever solves the puzzle will inherit the entirety of OASIS and become one of the richest people in the world. Some Gunters are strict soloists, while others have banded together to form guilds. These competing factions have toiled for years to solve the puzzle to no avail – that is until Wade happens to solve the first part. Suddenly the quest to solve the puzzle reaches a fever pitch, and the game becomes deadly serious. When Gunters start dying in real life it becomes apparent that a sinister force is willing to go to extremes to reach the prize. Wade knows that he is in serious jeopardy. The question is: Will he solve the puzzle before they get to him?         

Why I picked it up: Alex Award (best adult book for teens) winner, and very highly recommended.

Why I finished it: Without a doubt the most fun book that I have read in the past year. It was absolutely impossible to put down.

I'd recommend it to: Gamers, science fiction and adventure tale enthusiasts, as well as 1980’s pop culture fanatics. Even if you don’t generally read in those genres, this book is just plain fun!

Book Spotlight: Ashfall

Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Review by Phil, Librarian, Cloverdale Branch

When Alex’s family travels out of town for the weekend he plans on ditching his trigonometry homework and playing World of Warcraft – that is until something crashes through the roof of his house. Then the explosions start and communications go down. Soon ash has blanketed the world in an oppressive grey, and with the ash comes marauding bands and chaos. Adrift and alone Alex decides to hightail it out of town to try and find his family. On the road he encounters escaped convicts and people full of distrust. He also finds companionship and hope, but the question is will he find his family? And what will the post ashfall world be like?

Why I picked it up:

Seemed like an engaging premise, and was recommended to me as a read-a-like to Hunger Games.

Why I finished it:

I had to see what happened. I enjoyed the characters and the pacing, and it was chock full of suspense.

I'd recommend it to:

People who enjoyed Hunger Games, or any other apocalyptic or dystopian fiction.


Free Comic Book Day!


Get your FREE Comic Book this Saturday at one of these participating stores:

Outer Planes Comics and Games
526 7th Street
Santa Rosa, CA  95401

Comics for the Win
1435 Santa Rosa Ave, Suite C 5
Santa Rosa, CA  95404

Comic Book Box
189 Southwest Blvd
Rohnert Park, CA  95492

Schulz Museum- Peanuts Comic Book Only
2301 Hardies Lane
Santa Rosa, CA  95403