Teen Book Review: My Brother Sam Is Dead

My Brother Sam is Dead  by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

‚ÄčReviewed by Fallon D., Northwest Library

Sam Meeker is just 16-years-old when the Revolutionary War breaks out.  He leaves his college life at Yale to become a rebel soldier against his family's wish.  The rest of the Meeker family lives in Redding, a Tory town where they run a tavern.  Tim, at just a few years younger than Sam, tells the story of his and his family's struggles with the effects of the war and his undecided opinions on the war.

This book was really interesting. I have read a couple books on the Revolutionary War, but this one really illustrated that the Revolutionary War, just like any war, is not just two sided; the good guys and the bad guys.  Naturally, because we are Americans, we think that the rebels had a just cause and did good things.  But both sides stole from honest people, and all sorts of horrible things like tarring and feathering people. 

I think everyone should read this book because it shows how war is more than what we think it is. 

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