Teen Book Review

I Am The Messenger by Marcus Zusak


Review by Fallon, Northwest Branch

Ed has a typical (yet boring) life as a cabdriver. With his brother in college, his father dead, and a mother that doesn't approve of him, his life has been a disappointment. When one day he stops a thief escaping, he begins receiving playing cards with instructions on them. Ed now follows the cards where they lead him to help people all over town. As he receives and completes more missions though, he begins to find out who is behind all of it.
I picked up this book because I had recently read The Book Thief, also by Markus Zusak, and thought I would enjoy it even if it wasn't my genre.  While this book was not as good as The Book Thief, it still turned out to be an enjoyable book. Ed is a character we can all relate to, and how he deals with his tasks was interesting to see. However, the best point in this book had to be the message at the end. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a short, entertaining read.



One thought on “Teen Book Review

  1. Nice review. I don’t believe I have read that book yet. I have read the Book Thief though.

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