Henna Art

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Here is what our teens are saying about the Henna Art Program:

"I got to get a ton of temporary tattoos on my arms, legs, hands, and feet."  Rated: 5 Stars    – Maccie, Rohnert Park

"We were able to do Henna on ourselves and if we wanted, the artist did it for us!"   Rated: 5 Stars     – Sophia, Rohnert Park

"I love Henna!" Rated: 5 Stars     – Monique, Rohnert Park

If you missed out, there are still a few Henna programs coming up!

Wednesday, July 17 – 2 PM, Healdsburg Branch

Thursday, July 25 – 3 PM, Rincon Valley

Friday, July 26 – 3 PM, Sebastopol


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