Teen Book Review

Review by Cristina, Rohnert Park Branch


Tempted: A house of night novel by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

     Zoey, a vampire high priestess, has to deal with a fallen angel and the lies that surround her and her friends.

     I picked it up because it is the 5th book to a series I've been reading.

     I finished it because it keeps you hanging, wanting to read till the end.

     I'd recommend it to people who like mysteries and fantasies (also vampires and love stories.)

Rated: 4 stars

Don't be left out - you can read this series, too.  Here are the links.

  marked  betrayed  chosen  untamed  hunted


  tempted  burned  awakened  destined  hidden

#1 Marked

#2 Betrayed

#3 Chosen

#4 Untamed

#5 Hunted

#6 Tempted

#7 Burned

#8 Awakened

#9 Destined

#10 Hidden


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