Teen programs coming up!

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Rincon Valley

Wed, Dec. 4 – Castles and Crowns Chess Club - 3pm – 5pm

Wed, Dec. 11 – Castles and Crowns Chess Club - 3pm – 5pm

Thurs, Dec 12 – Build a House of Cards contest - 3:15pm – 4:30pm

Wed, Dec. 18 – Castles and Crowns Chess Club – 3pm-5pm


Thus, Dec. 5 – Board Games - 4pm – 5:30pm


Fri, Dec. 13 – Gingerbread House Contest - 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Rohnert Park

Fri, Dec. 13 – Cartooning Workshop - 3:30pm


Wed, Dec. 18 – Copper Etching - 3:30pm – 5pm










Teen Book Review

Review by Anna, Sonoma Branch

The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder


     Amy Holder creates a nightmarish high school experience in The Lipstick Laws. April Bowers, despite being at the same high school for two years, has no friends. She doesn’t stay friendless for long when she becomes gym partners with Britney Taylor, the most popular girl in school. But April discovers not everything is as ideal as it seems when Britney reveals the totalitarian rules that everyone who is Britney’s friend must abide to. Soon April falls from grace, and retaliates by creating the Lipstick Law Breakers. She is then thrust into an all-out clique war she started herself.

            I strongly dislike this book. It is predictable down to the characters’ names. The so-called resolution was superficial, close-minded, and a temporary fix at best. Even the Lipstick Law Breakers, the “good” guys in this plot, take actions that are only propelled by hatred and the urge to point out the flaws of other people. The only reason I would recommend this book is if you wish to feel better about yourself by the time you finish it.