Become a Teen Book Reviewer

Teenspace is looking for teens who love to read.  We need teens who are willing to read the books they love or hate and tell other teens about them.  If that sounds like you let us know.  Your review will be posted on the teen blog for others to read.  If you are interested please contact Tiffany by  sending in this form.

7 thoughts on “Become a Teen Book Reviewer

  1. I LOVE reading. THis is sooooo me. I try to tell my friends about books but they don’t read as much as me.

  2. I love Mysterious Benidict Society too! Great plot, great characters. I love trying to figure out the puzzles before the book reveals them.

  3. I used to hate reading and it would take me for ever to read such a short book because i have dyslexia. But my mother really helped, now i love reading! I feel like books just bring me into a different world.

  4. I love reading and I usually read a little from all my favorite books each day. I’m often called a bookworm. My favorite book? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  5. I love reading! I try to read a little from all my favorite books each day. Everyone calls me a bookworm. My fvaorite book? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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