Time to Battle it out again!

If you recall, last year we posted about the Battle of the Kids' Books, hosted for the past few years by School Library Journal. This is a bracket-style showdown between some of the best books for kids & teens, with each matchup "judged" by a well-known author. And it's that time of year again!

This year's Battle of the Books began last Tuesday March 13, with an epic showdown every day– judged by a wonderful group of authors of teen and tween books (Sara Zarr! Gayle Forman! Jeff Kinney!).  There are three more matchups left in Round One, and then we move on to the re-matches in Round Two.

One thing that I keep thinking about as I follow this contest – how on earth do you choose between two such excellent books that are so different?  It is interesting to see how each judge considers the choices thoughtfully, in order to make the decision.  Click here to read the thoughtful reviews – and to see which books will be moving on to the next round!



Did you read Matched by Allyson Condie?!?  Can't wait to read the next one?  We have a free Advance Reader's Copy of Crossed for the teen who submits the best book review for Matched by Friday, August 26th.  Submit  your book review at teenspace@sonoma.lib.ca.us.

When you submit your book review please include your name, grade and your home branch.  This contest is only open to Sonoma County teens.

Contest Answers!!!

Congratulations to Jenny in Petaluma! 

She correctly identified all the photos and won a free paperback book!

Here are the correct answers:
1.  Great Wall of China
2.  Chichen Itza, Mexico
3.  Sather Gate, UC Berkeley
4.  Brooklyn Bridge, NY
5.  Niagra Falls, NY
6.  Alamo, San Antonio, TX
7.  Big Ben, London, England
8.  Capitol Building, Washington, DC
9.  Roman Forum, Rome, Italy
10.  Pompeii, Italy
11.  Carmel Mission, Carmel, CA
12.  Red Rocks, Sedona, CA
13.  Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
14.  Victory Gate (or, Siegestor Gate), Munich, Germany
15.  Windsor Castle, England

Stay tuned for another contest!


You Are Here Contest!!!

You are Here, but Where is This?

Can you name the places in these photos?  Maybe your travels, or your past reading, will lead you to the correct answers.  First person to identify all photos correctly will win a book from our special summer reading selection.  Send your answers to teenspace@sonoma.lib.ca.us before July 8.  Good luck! 


Hint:  Head East
Photo 1


 Hint:  Head South
Photo 2

Hint:  Don't go too far East
Photo 3


Hint:  Remember 9/11
Photo 4


Hint;  One of our Natural Wonders?
Photo 5 


Hint:  Remember the _____! 

Photo 6

Hint:  Located near the recent Big Event
Photo 7


Hint:  Will they pass a budget before the next snowfall?
Photo 8


 Hint:  Where rulers from the past ruled
Photo 9


Hint: AD 79
Photo 10


Hint:  Father Junipero Serra 
Photo 11


Hint:  Somewhere between here and Photo #4
Photo 12


Hint: Movie:  Roman Holiday
Photo 13


Hint:  Bavaria
Photo 14


Hint:  Weekend Country Home
Photo 15


Writing Contest!

Celebrate books with Bibliophoria!  Bibliophoria is hosting a teen writing contest.  The topic of the contest is:

"Books are…."

Submit your own, 650 to 850 word, short story, essay or other work of prose beginning with the two words "Books are".  

Deadline is Tuesday, May 24th!

Submit your essay to:  Teen Writing Contest, Bibliophoria, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 6780 Depot Street, Sebastopol, CA  95472. 

What do you win?

-The winning pieces will be read on KRCB Radio 91! 
-Talk about your piece on the radio (optional).
- A CD recording of your winning entry for your personal use.
- Your piece posted on the SCA/Bibliophoria website.
- Your piece published in the SCA Quarterly.
- A gift certificate from Copperfields Books.

If you live in Santa Rosa, Casa Grande, Petaluma and all schools west of them you can participate!  You must be between the ages of 13 and 19.

For more information please see the Bibliophoria website!


Stuck at Prom

Do you love duct tape?  Do you have BIG dreams of having the most unique prom dress?  If so you should check out the Stuck at Prom Duct tape contest.  Every year the Duck tape brand has a contest for the best prom dress made completely out of duct tape!  The winners receive a scholarship.  For details on how to enter go to:


Check out the website for some of last year's winners. 

You can vote for the best prom outfit starting Friday, June 17th.  Don't worry…we will remind you when the time comes!

Happy Taping!!!

Battle of the Books– check it out!

The magazine School Library Journal is running its second annual "Battle of the Kids' Books," which pits 16 of the very best books for young people of the year, judged by some of the most famous authors of children's books. 

Children's books and teen books;  fiction and nonfiction, they are all thrown in together to pick out what is THE. BEST. KIDS. BOOK. of the year. 

Author-judges include folks such as Karen Hesse, R.L. Stine, Barry Lyga, Francisco X. Stork, Karen Cushman and Richard Peck. 

There is one decision a day, starting on this past Monday, March 14th.  Some awesome titles have already been knocked out of the running.  Thank goodness for "The Undead Poll," where readers were allowed to vote for a book to be "resurrected from the dead" after Round Three.

Round One will winnow the list from 16 books down to 8;  Round Two will get it down to 4;  Round Three will get us to the top two books, and then we we get the winner in the Big Kahuna Round. 

Are you interested?  I sure am!  Follow along with me as the winners emerge each day!


Figment is a new social networking community geared towards teens with a focus on all things surrounding creative writing. Share your own writings, connect with other teen authors, find book reviews, read interviews of your favorite authors, participate in writing contests, and more. Check it out and sign up at www.figment.com.

It’s Slamming Time!

Got this info in from a reader– check it out, if you are a poet, or just like to watch a poetry slam:


@ Hopmonk Tavern
Sebastopol, CA
2$- 2nd sundays



or Facebook


Note:  the event listed above is NOT a Library event… but it might be good practice if you do want to enter the Sonoma County Library Poetry Slamsclick here for information about dates, times, and locations!



Check out this cool new website www.scholargamers.com.  Basically, it is a website for students, 13 and over,  to compete for college scholarship money by playing online video games. Competition rounds repeat every 45 days.  The first round began November 1st, but you can get in on the action mid-December.  The site is free to register and play.  Sounds like a great excuse to play video games to me.