Discover This!


Short on cash and need something to do? 
With the Discover & Go program you can reserve discounted and free museum tickets. 

discover and go


Here are just some of the museums that participate:

The California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)
The Charles M Schulz Museum (Santa Rosa)
Exploratorium (San Francisco)
Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (Oakland)

Pacific Coast Air Museum (Santa Rosa)
Pacific Pinball Museum (Alameda)
Sonoma County Museum (Santa Rosa)
The Tech Museum of Innovation (San Jose) IMAX Theater

Use Discover & Go with your Sonoma County Library card number and PIN for free or discounted passes to museums and more.

  • You can search for passes by date or by location.
  • To reserve a pass, you must be at least 15 years old and you must live in Sonoma County.
  • You may have up to 2 reserved passes per library card at a time.
  • You may cancel a reservation if you have not printed the pass (once printed, it is not able to be cancelled).
  • Every venue determines how many tickets they make available, and at what discount level.

****Dont for get to check out the events at your local library!

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Teen programs coming to a library near you!

dragon1  dragon2  chinesenewyear

Magnet Creation

Rohnert Park - Friday, Jan.24 @ 3:30

Castles and Crowns Chess Club

Rincon Valley Teen Lounge – Wed., Jan. 29, 3:00 – 5:00

Rincon Valley Teen Lounge - Wed., Feb. 5, 3:00 - 5:00

Chinese New Year Celebration

Cloverdale – Thursday, Feb. 6 @ 4:00

Healdsburg – Tuesday, Feb. 4 @ 4:00

Sebastopol – Tuesday, Feb.4 @ 4:00

Rincon Valley Teen Lounge - Thursday, Feb.6  @ 3:15



Teen Book Review

Review by Lexi

City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare on March 27, 2007
                 Clary Fray is a fifteen year old girl that lives in New York with her mother.  One night out with her best friend, Simon Lewis, she witnesses a murder. The strange thing is, no one saw it but her! She soon comes to realize who the murderers are. They call themselves Shadowhunters. They dedicate themselves to protecting the "mundanes" from the demon world. She soon learns about her role in all of this, including how she was the only one able to see them when they murdered the demon. Her mother is soon taken, and she has to fight to save her and the famous Mortal Cup, one of the three Mortal Instruments.
                       What did I like and not like about the book? I really enjoyed the witty and sarcastic dialogue between all of the characters. Cassandra Clare did an amazing job with all of her characters. I was even catching myself laughing out loud, many times, with their hilarious conversations. It was also so different from all of the other books I have read, which I really enjoyed. Cassandra Clare always kept you on your toes through out the book. She had a really nice storyline, and a really shocking twist to the end that I was begging for more! To be quite honest, there wasn't much that I didn't really like in this book. I was able to find some things though. Of course, in almost every book you read there is always that awkward love triangle. I was kind of hoping from an escape from that because it's in almost every series there is. Also part of the ending was so obvious that I was able to see it a mile away. Maybe I just have really good intuition or something? I enjoyed this book a lot, even with the tiny flaws.
                I would recommend this book to any gender. There is both love and action involved so it entertains both sexes. I would most likely set the age limit to like 14-15+. There is a little vulgar language, but nothing major.
If you enjoyed this book, check out the whole Mortal Instruments series!

Teen Programs For Week 8!

raffletickets  kindle  raffletickets

This is it – the final stretch!  This week is your last chance to complete the game card and get all your prizes.  Also, it is time for each branch to choose the winning ticket for the Kindle!  Attend the final programs and turn in book reviews at the beginning of the week to make sure you have another entry and chance to win!

Wednesday, July 24

Gelatin Printing – 2 PM, Healdsburg

Duct Tape Mania - 3 PM, Guerneville

Book Exchange - 3 PM, Petaluma

Thursday, July 25

Beading 101 - 2 PM, Central

Henna Art - 3 PM, Rincon Valley

Friday, July 26

Henna Art - 3 PM, Sebastopol

Saturday, July 27

Beading 101 - 11 AM, Northwest


Henna Art

 tattoo2         tattoo1

Here is what our teens are saying about the Henna Art Program:

"I got to get a ton of temporary tattoos on my arms, legs, hands, and feet."  Rated: 5 Stars    – Maccie, Rohnert Park

"We were able to do Henna on ourselves and if we wanted, the artist did it for us!"   Rated: 5 Stars     – Sophia, Rohnert Park

"I love Henna!" Rated: 5 Stars     – Monique, Rohnert Park

If you missed out, there are still a few Henna programs coming up!

Wednesday, July 17 – 2 PM, Healdsburg Branch

Thursday, July 25 – 3 PM, Rincon Valley

Friday, July 26 – 3 PM, Sebastopol


Teen Book Review

I Am The Messenger by Marcus Zusak


Review by Fallon, Northwest Branch

Ed has a typical (yet boring) life as a cabdriver. With his brother in college, his father dead, and a mother that doesn't approve of him, his life has been a disappointment. When one day he stops a thief escaping, he begins receiving playing cards with instructions on them. Ed now follows the cards where they lead him to help people all over town. As he receives and completes more missions though, he begins to find out who is behind all of it.
I picked up this book because I had recently read The Book Thief, also by Markus Zusak, and thought I would enjoy it even if it wasn't my genre.  While this book was not as good as The Book Thief, it still turned out to be an enjoyable book. Ed is a character we can all relate to, and how he deals with his tasks was interesting to see. However, the best point in this book had to be the message at the end. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a short, entertaining read.



Teen Programs for Week 6!



Lots of fun things going on this week!

Wednesday, July 10

Beading 102 - 2 PM, Rohnert Park

Monster Make-Up - 2 PM, Sonoma Valley

Comedy Improv - 3 PM, Petaluma

Henna Art - 3 PM, Guerneville

Thursday, July 11

Monster Make-Up - 2 PM, Central

Stuffed Critters - 3 PM, Rincon Valley

Henna Art - 3:30 PM, Cloverdale

Friday, July 12

Beading 101 - 3 PM, Sebastopol

Duct Tape Mania - 3 PM, Windsor