Book Spotlight: Recyclo-gami

Recyclo-gami by Laurie Goldrich Wolf

Want to make a Christmas gift for your loved one instead of buying one?  Check out this new craft book for some ideas!  This book has good ideas on how to make something out of nothing.   Wolf gives step-by-step instructions with pictures to guide you along your project.  Try a project from each chapter:  Accessorize with Style, Ingenious Jewelry, Spice Up the Kitchen, Bedazzle Your Bedroom and Games, Gifts and Great Ideas. 

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New Nonfiction Books!

New Teen Cooking Books:

  A Teen Guide to Breakfast on the Go

  A Teen Guide to Quick, Healthy Snacks

  A Teen Guide to Creative, Delightful Dinners

    A Teen Guide to Fast, Delicious Lunches


More New Nonfiction Books:

 Seventeen presents 500 Health & Fitness Tips

   The Secret Language of Birthdays

     X-treme X-ray

  Yuck!:  the things people eat

New Nonfiction!

Sew Teen by Sheila Zent

Eat Fresh Food by Rozanne Gold

The Teen Vogue Handbook:  An insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion by Amy Astley

Quick Cash for Teens By Peter Bielagus

Show Off by Sarah Hines-Stephens

Escape- Teens on the Run by Linda Jacobs Altman

  Think Again by JonArno Lawson

Good Behavior by Nathan L. Henry

  Short:  Walking Tall when You're Not Tall at All by John Schwartz

Wicked History

If you are in the mood for a little non-fiction in your life but want a little spice in the book check out the Wicked History series by Scholastic.  This series highlights historical figures who were a little less than innocent in their life.  These biographies are short so you can fly through them in no time.

henry.jpg Henry VII:  Royal Beheader by Price   

sir.jpg Sir Francis Drake:  Slave Trader and Pirate by Nick

genghis.jpg Genghis Khan:  13-Century Mongolian Tyrant by Goldberg

  Alexander the Great:  Master of the Ancient World by Wilhelm

Napoleon:  Emperor and Conqueror by Heuston

Julius Caesar:  Dictator for Life by Rinaldo

Hannibal:  Rome's Worst Nightmare by Brooks

Attila the Hun:  Leader of the Barbarian Hordes by Price

Catherine the Great:  Empress of Russia by Vincent

Want more?!?   Ask your local librarian for more Wicked History titles!


New Nonfiction!

boyology.jpg Boyology by Sarah O’Leary Burningham

This book helps teens navigate the world of teenage boys.  The chapters include B-O-Y Basics, What Breed is Your Boyfriend?, I Heart You:  When You’re Head-Over-Heels in Like, The First of First Dates, The Heart of the Matter, You Wear the Pants, Outside Forces, Boy Friend vs Boyfriend, Breaking Up is Hard to Do and Getting Back in the Game.

New Craft Book!

chic.jpg Chic Sweats:  22 Way to Transform and Restyle your Sweatshirts

This fun craft book has great ideas and photographs to inspire you.  The first chapter helps you get started with sections on the supplies and equipment you will need, measuring basics, marking, sewing sweatshirt fabric, selecting sweatshirts and body basics.  If you know how to sew and need some new fresh ideas check out this book!

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