Book Spotlight: Ship Breaker

Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi
Review by Phil, Librarian, Cloverdale Branch

Bright Sands Beach is a bleak place, and Nailer's ship breaking crew is barely able to eke a living salvaging materials from the long-abandoned hulks of oil tankers.  Faced with a shortage of food, rival crews, and the "city killer" mega hurricanes, survival is a daily task.  The only hope that ship breakers have is to hit a lucky strike – a hidden cache of rare materials – and buy their way out.  When a city killer hits Bright Sands and washes ashore the wreck of a wealthy clipper, Nailer thinks he's finally hit his lucky strike, and found his way out.  Much to his surprise he finds a lone survivor- a beautiful and wealthy girl – and their encounter ushers in a world of danger, adventure, and ultimately, hope.

Why I picked it up:  An adventure tale set in the post-carbon world by a multiple award winning author – I had to check it out!

Why I finished it:  It was hard to put down from the onset.  I really enjoyed the characters, and the world that Bacigalupi created is rich and intriguing.  Plus, there are some real curveballs in there that make you keep reading.

I'd recommend it to:  Anyone wanting a strong adventure tale, and anyone who likes to let their imagination run wild.

Summer Reading Book Reviews!

Are you curious what other teens are reading?  This year we are posting some of the Teen Summer Reading Book Reviews that come in.  Check them out on the right side of the page.  Right now you can read reviews from Rincon Valley by clicking here

Here are a sample of the reviews:

In the forests at night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
This book talks about a girl who was transformed into a vampire from the year 1701. She didn't want to be a vampire. They killed her brother, and she is a vampire for 300 years. Now she seeks a revenge for her brother's death and for her transformation.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Review by Alexis, Rincon Valley

Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Gracia
This book combines fantasy with the struggle for an impossible chance of love. Ethan, the protagonist, can't help but fall for new girl, but there are so many other obstacles to overcome before they can be together.
Rating: 7 out of 10
Review by Makenna, Rincon Valley

Teen Summer Reading Book Reviews

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Book Review: In Mike We Trust

mike.jpg In Mike We Trust by Patrick Ryan
Reviewed By Rachel, Library Associate

Garth’s dad drowned in a boating accident over a year ago. As if the pain of loosing his dad weren’t bad enough, imagine how weird it would be to have your dead father’s identical twin brother show up unannounced. Garth’s Uncle Mike appears on the doorstep one night early in summer. At first Garth is glad to have a guy around the house to help out with rent and to stick up for him to Garth’s mom. The best thing about Uncle Mike is that he doesn’t flip put when Garth comes out to him, unlike Garth’s mom who told him to “shelve the issue” until he is older. Garth can’t hide who he really is and Uncle Mike encourages him to be himself. But Mike isn’t all he appears to be and it doesn’t take long before Garth has spun a web of lies he can’t untangle. Soon Garth finds himself jobless, friendless, and dressed in a Superman costume. Could things get any worse? Find out by reading In Mike We Trust by P.E. Ryan.

Book Review: Marcelo in the Real World

marcelointheworld.jpg  Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork

Book Review by Librarian Rachel from the Healdsburg Branch

As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, Marcelo doesn’t see the world as others do. But Marcelo’s father, a powerful and successful lawyer, doesn’t see Marcelo as different from the rest of the world. He proposes that Marcelo spend the summer “in the real world,” working in the mail room at his law firm. Given little choice, Marcelo goes to work and is put in the charge of a young woman named Jasmine.  There, Marcelo faces challenges that anyone can relate to – having to tell true friends from false ones, doing the right thing even when it’s dangerous, and learning what it means to love someone. Unpredictable, moving, and memorable, Marcelo in the Real World gives its readers a new way of viewing the world. Fans of John Green’s Looking for Alaska and Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time will enjoy Marcelo in the Real World.

Book Review: Graceling


Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Review by Librarian Rachel from the Healdsburg branch

Katsa was born into a royal house in a time and place where some people possess an extreme skill, called a Grace. Katsa’s unfortunate Grace is that of killing. She is lightening fast, needs little sleep, is incredibly strong, and has endurance few can imagine. Her uncle, King Randa, is an unscrupulous ruler who uses Katsa’s Grace for his own ends. But Katsa is not content to be a pawn in her uncle’s games. She and her band of friends, called the Council, use their talents and influence to right the wrongs perpetrated by King Randa. It is during a Council mission that Katsa meets another Graceling, Po. This chance encounter sets in motion an adventure that takes Katsa over mountains in a blinding snowstorm and across seas to a rival kingdom. While Graceling is a book full of high adventure, Katsa herself is not a heroine soon forgotten. I find that I enjoy best books whose characters are truly flawed. Katsa must learn to control her Grace, a skill very difficult for someone whose very essence is to kill. The relationship between Katsa and Po is great because they are equals – the boy never rescues the girl and the girl must not out wit the boy in order to win his respect. Fans of Tamora Pierce’s books will love Graceling.