Teen programs coming to a library near you!

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Magnet Creation

Rohnert Park - Friday, Jan.24 @ 3:30

Castles and Crowns Chess Club

Rincon Valley Teen Lounge – Wed., Jan. 29, 3:00 – 5:00

Rincon Valley Teen Lounge - Wed., Feb. 5, 3:00 - 5:00

Chinese New Year Celebration

Cloverdale – Thursday, Feb. 6 @ 4:00

Healdsburg – Tuesday, Feb. 4 @ 4:00

Sebastopol – Tuesday, Feb.4 @ 4:00

Rincon Valley Teen Lounge - Thursday, Feb.6  @ 3:15



Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 for "New Energy for a New Era".  (Chase's Calendar of Events, 2011). 

To help celebrate Earth Day try one of these green acts today:

Plant a tree 
Brush your teeth without running water
Commit to recycling in your home
Donate your clothes
Eat locally grown food
Start a garden
Use reusable grocery bags
Use green cleaning products

For more ideas:
The Little Green Book: 365 Ways to Love the Planet
by Joe Provey & Owen Lockwood

Here are some books to help you turn trash into crafts!

The Big Green Book of Recycled Crafts
Eco Books:  Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin by Terry Taylor
Make It! by Jane Bull
Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things by Cy Tymony


For the complete list of "green" things to do please go to:

Happy Women’s History Month!

Did you know that the origins of Women's History Month actually began in Sonoma County? 

In the 1970s, although groups like the National Organization of Women (NOW)and ERAmerica were fighting to have the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) ratified as the 27th Amendment to the Constitution, the topic of women's history was completely unknown in both the public consciousness and in school curricula. 

To address this perceived lack, in 1978, the Education Task Force of the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women initiated the first-ever "Women's History Week" celebration.  The program was a huge success, with special programs in the schools, speakers around the county, an essay contest, and finally a celebratory parade held in downtown Santa Rosa as the finale of the week.

Upon hearing of the success of the Sonoma County program, several prominent women's groups began lobbying for a national celebration — and in 1980, President Carter issued a Presidential Proclamation declaring the first-ever "Women's History Week," which was in early March of that year.  And in 1987, Congress declared March as National Women's History Month in perpetuity.  

All thanks to the local community support in Sonoma County!  Yeah!

Check out this website and add your own stories to the ongoing fabric of women’s history:  http://1000memories.com/women-in-history.

You can include photos, narratives, and memories of your mothers, grandmothers, and heroines, alongside famous women from history. This website allows for a collective celebration of women's history and creates a place where current and future generations can be inspired by the role of women in history.  The idea is to create a single place where the women important in each of our lives are remembered side-by-side.

 What better way is there to celebrate Women's History Month, than to tell the stories of women who are important to you?



Top Reasons to Celebrate NOVEMBER!

Native American Heritage Month

"Pride in Our Heritage, Honor Our Ancestors" is the theme for the 2010 Native American Heritage month.  There are lots of great books about Native Americans in the library — what better to remember their contributions than to check one out?

Aviation History Month

Observe Aviation History Month by creating paper airplanes!  Take them out to a local park or just outside your school, and see how many folks line up to watch!  Lots of fun designs for paper airplanes can be found here, or check out a book at the library!


Family Stories Month

Every family has thousands of stories.  Whether happy, sad, silly, outrageous, or nostalgic, they are all important.  Call up a relative and ask them to tell you a story about your parents when they were young.  Tell your parents about your first memories.  Reminisce about "the good old days."  Or maybe actually write some of your favorite family stories down — you are never too young to start your own memoirs!


Peanut Butter Lovers' Month

Here's a bunch of facts about peanut butter.  Did you know the average kid will eat 1500 PB&J sandwiches by the time they graduate high school?.  Try my favorite — grilled peanut butter and banana!


1     El Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration, a time to honor and celebrate deceased loved ones.  It is believed that the souls of the dead visit their families between October 31 and November 2 ;  families make altars with photos and offerings to welcome them. 


2     U.S.A. Election Day

The first Tuesday after the first Monday.  Don't forget to vote!!


5     Guy Fawkes Day

"Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November."  A day of bonfires and fireworks to mark the 1605 date of a failed plot to assassinate the King of England.  It's an exciting bit of history — check out a book to learn more!


7     Daylight Savings Time Ends

First Sunday in November.  Don't you just hate how dark it is when you go home at night?!


11    Veterans Day

Veterans Day began as a celebration of the anniversary of the WWI Armistice.   "At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" fighting ceased in World War I.  No matter your political views or your thoughts about war, there are ways you can show your gratitude to those who have served in the Armed Forces.   How can you celebrate Veteran's Day
—–Make a thank-you card and bring it to a local VA group. 
—–Watch a movie that celebrates our veterans.
—–Ask your living relatives who are veterans to share stories with you.
—–Click the link above for other great suggestions.

14    National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

 Besides the fact that it needs to be done, and your parents may be shocked of the offer to help, you get to compare notes about the grossest thing you found in the fridge!


25    Thanksgiving Day

It is thought that the first Thanksgiving traces back to a 1621 harvest feast at the Plymouth Plantation.  In 1789, it became the first US holiday by presidential proclamation.  Thanksgiving became an annual tradition, and then in 1939 President Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday in November.  What are you doing for your Thanksgiving this year?  Perhaps check out some cookbooks and try some new recipes!

Top Reasons to Celebrate September!

American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Ownership Month –

September 26, 10:00-3:00 the County-Wide Dog Training Club, Inc will host an AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day complete with activities and testing of your dog for certification as a Canine Good Citizen.  You can also talk to experienced breeders and get care tips for your dog. The even will be held at Montgomery Village.

Backpack Safety Month

Go to this website for good information on backpack safety and how to start a program in your community.

College Savings Month

Plan ahead for college.  This website has good information on many different plans to help you plan for future college costs.  Our Teen Blog also has lots of good information and books to check out to assist you in your financial planning for your future college days.  


California Wild Rice Month

Everything you ever wanted to know about California Wild Rice can be found on this website.  For more entertainment, go to the Free Rice program and play some games to help end world hunger. It is also National Rice Month.

Library Card Sign-up Month

Check out this site for 52 ways to use your library card.  September is Library Card Sign-Up Month, sponsored by the American Library Association.  It began in 1987 in the hopes of ensuring that every child should obtain a library card – and use it! 

Million Minute Family Challenge – September through December

This is a fun activity for the entire family or group of friends. Every minute your group plays and logs contributes to our goal of reaching 1 million minutes of game play across the United States and Canada before December 31, 2010! We know people enjoy the entertainment and education value of non-electronic games and here is your chance to prove just how popular they are!

National Honey Month

This month is set aside to honor the 212,000 beekeepers and 2.41 million colonies of honeybees which produce more than 200 million pounds of honey each year.  This local website offers many links to all kinds of information about honey.

National Mushroom Month

Our local Sonoma County Mycological Association has everything you ever wanted to know about mushrooms.  The Mushroom Council in San Jose has designated this month to promote the greater appreciation and use of fresh mushrooms.  Happy foraging!

Top Reasons to Celebrate August!

There are many reasons to celebrate the dog days of August (the start of school?!?) but if you don't have a good reason, check out what others are celebrating this month!

Audio Book Appreciation Month
If you never tried listening to an audio book this is the month to start!  There are some excellent teen audio books out there.  Stay tuned for a list of our favorites!  You can even check out Sonoma County Library's downloaded audio books!

Happiness Happens Month
This is the 11th annual celebration of Happiness Happens Month.  This celebration is sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People.  The point of this celebration?  To encourage people to express happiness. 

MTV Premiere Anniversary
In 1981 MTV went on the air.  In 1985 VH1 started. 

National Inventors' Month
To educate the public about the importance of inventions. 


Top Reasons to Celebrate July

National Hot Dog Month

Did you know that more than 3 billion hot dogs per year are consumed in the U.S.?  Click on our link for more fun facts and recipes.  And, don't forget those hot dogs for your 4th of July celebration!

National "Doghouse Repairs" Month

Time to fix those leaky roofs in your doghouse in preparation for winter.  There are plenty of websites to help you with this project.  It will give you something to do on these L-O-N-G summer days!

National Recreation and Parks Month

Support our local parks and enjoy some fresh air during "National Recreation and Parks" Month.  If you haven't hiked in our local parks, now would be a great time.  Plan a hike and picnic with friends and don't forget your camera.  Some hiking trails offer beautiful scenery along the way.  Click on our link to find the park nearest you.  Have fun!

Social Wellness Month

This doesn't mean updating your facebook page.  Check out our link for some inspirational quotes such as:

“Think lucky. If you fall in a pond, check your pockets for fish.” -

“The sky behind the clouds is always blue.”

Do you share a July birthday with Malia Obama (July 4), Michelle Kwan (July 7) and Daniel Radcliffe (July 23)?

Top Reasons to Celebrate June

International Surf Music Month clip_image0021.jpg This is the 2nd Annual International Surf Music Month.  This event is sponsored by the North East Surf Music Alliance.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month "Observed this month because on June 28, 1969, the clientele of a gay bar at New York City rioted after the club was raided by the police.  President Clinton issued presidential proclamations for this month, but President Bush did not declare it during his administration.  President Obama resumed proclaiming this month in 2009."

National Bathroom Reading Month Do you read in the bathroom? The Bathroom Readers' Institute celebrates the 66 percent of Americans who admit to reading in the bathroom.

National Candy Month Do you enjoy candy from time to time?  Most Americans do and now is the month to celebrate all the wonderful sweetness that is available to us.

National GLBT Book Month To celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender writing.  To see a list of YA GLBT books available at Sonoma County Library please see our GLBTQ Reading List.

Student Safety Month To bring awareness on making good decisions on graduation night, summer parties and other events.

The Top Reason to Celebrate June:

Teen Summer Reading Program @ Your Library

Signups started Monday, June 7th.  Come in and receive a free book for signing up!

Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate MAY

National Bike Month
Join the annual, month-long celebration of bicycling activities.  Check your local newspaper for event information or go to the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition at http://bikesonoma.org/calendar.html.

National Hamburger Month
Instead of just EATING hamburgers this month, why not search out some interesting information about them for your next essay assignment?  Try http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2005/08/the_history_of.html

National Physical Fitness Month
The focus this month is on physical fitness which you will need if you take National Hamburger Month seriously!

National Salad Month  j0223775.jpg
Use your imagination to come up with fun, healthy salads.  Try different, homemade salad dressings for an interesting twist to the routine dinner salad.  Use ingredients from your kitchen pantry – no need for special ingredients.

Get Caught Reading Month
What better use of the library than to sit down and read.  Now is the time to write a list of all the books you want to read over the summer.  Join the Teen Summer Reading Program and win prizes for just READING!

National Smile Month
Do you really need a reason to smile?  Even though national smile month was created by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, none of us should need to be reminded to smile.

Creative Beginnings Month
Cultivate your own creativity this month.  As the buds of spring are opening, let your creative energies burst forth this month.  Maybe you will discover something new about yourself?

Ecodriving Month
Even if you aren’t old enough to drive, offer some tips to those who help you out by giving you rides.  Focus on ecodriving this month and do your part in addressing energy and climate issues.

National Photo Month
Capture all those special and not-so-special moments.  Digital makes it so easy to snap photos of everything including people, animals, plants, landscapes, food, or whatever you find interesting.  Whether you use your photos only in digital format or actually make prints, you will be glad you took the time to memorialize some of your best times.

and last, but not least……………..

Batman debut anniversary is May 1.  In the May1, 1939 issue of Detective Comics #27 debuted a new crime fighter, the “Batman”, created by Bob Kane.  Next month:  Superman Debuts: Anniversary.