Cool Summer Programs!


Do you have one of these calendars of teen events at the library?  If not, be sure to stop in and get one so you don't miss out on any of the fun!  Remember, you can earn stamps for your game card and extra raffle tickets for attending the programs.

Wednesday programs:

STUFFED CRITTERS at 2:00 in the Sonoma Valley Branch

MONSTER MAKE-UP at 2:00 in the Healdsburg Branch

ALTERED BOOKS at 3:00 in the Petaluma Branch.

Thursday programs:

DUCT TAPE MANIA at 3:00 in Rincon Valley

Friday programs:

GELATIN PRINTING at 3:00 in Sebastopol

MONSTER MAKE-UP at 3:00 in Windsor

Saturday programs:

HENNA ART at 11:00 in Northwest


Pumpkin Carving Contest @ Petaluma, Healdsburg & Rincon Valley

Teens at the Petaluma, Central, Rincon Valley and Healdsburg branch carved pumpkins last week and yesterday.  The librarians took pictures of the pumpkins and the public are voting on their favorite pumpkin.  The teens were creative in their designs and pumpkin names.  In Petaluma teens named their pumpkins all sort of things like Jacka, A Trip to the Dentist and Cat got Mouse.  Below are a sampling of the pumpkins carved at the branches.  This event was a lot of fun but messy!  Stop by Petaluma, Central, Rincon Valley or Healdsburg to vote for your favorite pumpkin!

dscn2559.JPG Petaluma Branch

peta1a.JPG Petaluma Branch

peta2a.JPG Petaluma

peta3a.JPG Petaluma Branch

batunknown2.JPG Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-014.jpg Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-015.jpg Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-019.jpg Healdsburg Branch

cent3.jpg Central Branch

cent4.jpg Central Branch

central1.jpg Central Branch

rinc2.JPG Rincon Valley Branch

rinc4.JPG Rincon Valley Branch

rinc5.JPG Rincon Valley

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!  We are beginning to see them everywhere.  This year four branches are hosting a Pumpkin Carving Contest for Teens.  We supply to pumpkins you supply the creativity.   There is a grand prize at each branch for the best pumpkin voted by the public.  We hope you come in and join the fun!  Check back soon for pictures! Petaluma Library:  Monday, October 19th @ 2 p.m. Central Library:  Monday, October 19 @ 4  p.m. Rincon Valley Library:  Thursday, October 22nd @ 3:30 p.m. Healdsburg Library:  Tuesday, October 27th @ 3 p.m. If you need some inspiration check out this website. Or check out a book by Tom Nardone, he has some interesting ideas.


Fun at the Healdsburg Library

The teens at the Healdsburg Library are having fun this summer.  In addition to the summer reading program, teens have participated in origami and crafts such as bleach effect t-shirts and food creations.  That’s not to mention summer movies and fun with the Nintendo Wii.
tshirthealds1.JPG Bleach Effect T-Shirt design by Ana, Healdsburg

tshirt2.JPG Bleach Effect T-Shirt Design by Samantha, Healsburg

tshirt3.JPG Bleach Effect T-Shirt Design by Rudy, Healdsburg

origami1.JPG Origami by Healdsburg Teen

food.JPG Food Mood Program

food2.JPG A Poodle from Food Mood Program

food3.JPG Food Mood

food4.JPG Food Mood

 Want to join in on the fun?  Healdsburg will have three more programs this summer.  Henna on Monday, July 13th @ 3 p.m., Teen Movie Afternoon on Monday, July 20th @ 3 p.m., and an Ice Cream Social on Monday, July 27th @ 3 p.m.  For more information please contact Rachel at 433-3772.

Teen Lounge @ Healdsburg Public Library

Come hang out in the Library on Mondays after school from 3-5pm. We’re showing movies on the big screen, playing board games, shredding on Guitar Hero and burning rubber with Mario Cart. Snacks and drinks provided. Everything’s free, no membership or library card required, though we do hope you’ll get a library card to check out a book now and then. This is your space to chill, chat, and play. Call Rachel at 433-3772 ext. 5 for more information.