It Gets Better Project

I hope you are all aware of the horrific deaths of 9 young men in the month of September due to bullying regarding their sexual orientation. Nine young people who did not have the support of their communities to make them feel safe and loved for who they are, without regard for their sexual preference. There is a project on YouTube called It Gets Better begun by advice columnist Dan Savage. This project involves videos made by members of the LGBTQ community telling young people that the junior high and high school years will be over soon and they have rest of their lives to live free of bullies. Their lives will get better.
If you know a young person who is having trouble with bullying due to their sexuality or who needs support going through sexual identity issues, refer them to Positive Images, a Sonoma County nonprofit that for 20+ years has been home to LGBTQ youth and their families.
Thank you to Rachel, Library Associate @ Healdsburg and Central, for the information in this post.

Your Health!

Do you have a question about drugs, sex, relationships, emotions, family, friends, school or sports?  You can find lots of information on the web but is it good information?  accurate information?  These may be some of the questions running through your head.  There are two health websites that you may find helpful:  TeenHealthFX and TeenGrowth

TeenHealthFX is an online resource for any and all questions about health, relationships, your body and sexuality.  The nice thing about this website is it’s operated by teens with help from health professionals. 

TeenGrowth is an online resource to search for, request and receive valuable health care information.  This website covers everything:  alcohol, drugs, emotions, health, sex, etc.

 It’s a jungle out there…and we are here to help!